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Necrosmith all Recipes

Hello Everyone,

I thought, that maybe some people would like to keep a list of what Recipes they have already unlocked in Necrosmith, so I sat down and made this handy list.

Have fun :]

Felix Mohrhagen
Felix Mohrhagen
23rd April 2023 in video gaming
Necrosmith all Recipes
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Recipe Name
Recipe Name
Base Type
Class Type
General Form
  • 1

    Bone Warrior

  • 2

    Skeleton Rogue

  • 3

    Skeleton Bounty Hunter

  • 4

    Skeleton Stormtrooper

  • 5

    Skeleton Shooter

  • 6

    Skeleton Mage Bodyguard

  • 7

    Skeleton Mage-Expat

  • 8

    Skeleton Priest

  • 9

    Skeleton Cultist

  • 10

    Skeleton Apprentice

  • 11

    Skeleton Wanderer

  • 12

    Skeleton Cleric

  • 13

    Skeleton Battle Monk

  • 14

    Skeleton Battlemonk

  • 15

    Skeleton Monsterhunter

  • 16

    Skeleton Witcher

  • 17

    Skeleton Spy

  • 18

    Skeleton Scout

  • 19

    Skeleton Witchhunter

  • 20

    Skeleton Mage Support

  • 21

    Skeleton Sorcerer

  • 22

    Skeleton Mage

  • 23

    Skeleton Warlock

  • 24

    Skeleton Soldier

  • 25

    Skeleton Bandit

  • 26

    Skeleton Assassin

  • 27

    Skeleton Guardian

  • 28

    Skeleton Ranger

  • 29

    Skeleton Paladin

  • 30

    Skeleton Inquisitor

  • 31

    Skeleton Mage-Renegade

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