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Tech Gadget Arena
Best CPU for mining

The Central Processing Unit, or CPU, is what makes up the brain of a computer. I’ve created this list to help those who are Looking for the best CPU for mining from Intel and AMD. Being the most widely used CPU mined coin, I've calculated the estimated monthly revenue in Monero using Monero (RandomX) mining calculator.

Published a year ago
Best mouse for MacBook Air

This is a list of the Best mouse for MacBook Air. I’ve created this list to help those who are Looking for the best mouse for MacBook Air. I’ve included many details so that you can sort and make the best choice for you. There are images for each of the items and links for you to buy.

Published 2 years ago
Best Wi-Fi card for PC

This is a list of the top PC Wi-Fi cards. This list was created to assist those looking for the best Wi-Fi card for PC. I've included the important details so you can sort through them and make the best decision for you. Each item has an image as well as a link to purchase it.

Published a year ago
Best phone mount for motorcycle

A good phone mount for your motorcycle helps you navigate easily and takes the worry out of a breakdown on the side of the road. Let's see how you can find the best one.

Published a year ago
Best speakers for record player

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that almost everyone likes music. There are lots of ways to get music, but the record player is one of the most interesting. The best speakers for a record player must have a very good treble and mid range frequency response, in other words, they should be brighter models.

Published a year ago
Best wireless surround sound systems

Are you in the market for a wireless surround sound system? Take a look at our list of the best wireless surround sound systems. In this list, we've assessed the speaker connectivity, channel configuration, and maximum output power, which you can filter.

Published a year ago
Best binoculars for long distances (for every budget!)

Binoculars, an essential tool for peering into the distance, can often be an overwhelming purchase with the plethora of options available in the market today. However, with the right criteria, one can make an informed decision in choosing the optimal device for their long-distance viewing needs.

Whether you're a birdwatcher, an astronomer, or simply seeking an effective tool for your occupation, this comprehensive guide will provide an overview of the best binoculars for long-distance viewing, taking into consideration features, cost, and customer reviews. We aim to arm you with the knowledge necessary to make an educated choice and discover the perfect binoculars for your requirements.

Published a year ago
Best keyboard for programming

If you're looking for the best keyboard for programming, look no further! This comparison list will show you the top 20 keyboards that are perfect for programming. From ergonomic designs to backlit keys, there's a keyboard on this list for everyone. We've included the connectivity technology and compatible devices, so you can easily filter through and decided which one will suit your needs.

So whether you're a beginner or a pro, be sure to check out this list.

Published a year ago
Best TV for a bright room

If you're looking for the best TVs for a bright room, you've come to the right place. In this list, we'll show you 20 of the best options on the market. We'll break down each TV's features, connectivity technology, and allow you to sort through the screen sizes to choose the best fit for your needs. So whether you're looking for the perfect picture quality or the best value for your money, we've got you covered.

Published a year ago
Best iPhone 7 Wallet Cases (Cardholders)

Wallet cases are a great way to combine your wallet and phone into one handy device. They protect your phone from scratches, bumps, and drops and can also reduce the wear and tear of your wallet.

I’ve rounded up the best iPhone 7 wallet cases (cardholders) to help you choose one.

Published a year ago
Top Tablets for Aspiring Digital Artists

Digital art tablets have revolutionized the way beginners approach and engage with digital art. These devices offer a diverse range of options, catering to varying needs and skill levels. For those starting out, the market provides a variety of tablets that are not only budget-friendly but also packed with features that simplify the transition from traditional to digital art. These tablets typically come with pressure-sensitive styluses that emulate a natural drawing experience, enhancing precision and control. With varying active area sizes, they accommodate different working styles and space constraints. Additionally, the compatibility with various operating systems like Windows, macOS, and even Android in some cases, adds to their versatility, making them accessible to a wider range of users. Many of these tablets are designed to be compact and portable, allowing artists to create on-the-go. The inclusion of customizable express keys and touch gestures in some models further streamlines the creative process, making these tablets not just tools, but gateways to a vast world of digital creativity.

Published 18 days ago
Choosing the Best: A Closer Look at iPhone 15's Finest Cases

The iPhone 15 cases for 2024 cater to a diverse range of preferences and needs, emphasizing protection, style, and functionality. Options vary from eco-friendly designs focusing on sustainability to customizable cases allowing personal expression. Protective features are prominent, with many offering advanced shock absorption and robust materials for durability. Compatibility with MagSafe and other accessories is also a key feature, enhancing convenience. Colors and designs range widely, offering choices from minimalist to bold. This variety ensures that users can find a case that not only safeguards their device but also aligns with their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Published 18 days ago