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Diana Costa
I am a passionate content marketer, and love to create list-based content on Listium.
Brisbane, Australia

I am a big fan of Pinterest as a channel to help attract qualified traffic to my offers and my clients' content. Group boards were one of the main avenues I've used to increase organic traffic by over 400% and conversions by over 200% for one of my main clients, so I am a firm believer that - through high-quality content distributed mindfully through targeted group boards - you can make a big impact, attract the right traffic and grow your business through these group boards.

Important: This list will be updated monthly and spammy group boards will be removed. Feel free to leave your comment if you think a group board is spammy or low quality, as we want to maintain this a high-quality-only list!

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This list was created to help content creators with the most useful tools to help them save time, money and create in an optimal way. Its items are grouped by category - Copywriting, Design, Reach, etc. - but they can be grouped in other ways. 

Pros and Cons: These categories are a compilation of comments from the community and our team's experience. 

Crowd Pleaser: This criterium is all about how many people from the community have used and endorsed this tool. Two thumbs up mean the platform has multiple raving fans. A yellow thumb means the community doesn't have any users, or they are neutral to the platform in question. Two thumbs down represent some people within the community who have had bad experiences with the platform. 

User Friendly-ness: In this section, we will assess how easy it is to use the platform from start to finish and whether or not it is an intuitive UI.

ūüėéVery easy

ūüėĆSomewhat easy

ūüėÖNot so easy




This list compiles over 100 Tailwind Communities to help you grow your Pinterest reach, build a community and attract the right people to support your business. 

We will update the list constantly and add new communities. Suggest edits if you think there are communities missing!

Notice that the communities were separated based on niche and ordered from higher to lower engagement, so that you can prioritize the ones that are more assertive to bring you the results you want. 

Remember to follow the community rules, share and contribute, and you are certain to collect the benefits of mutual collaboration.


Esse diretório foi criado para auxiliar a comunidade de mulheres aqui na Austrália a encontrarem profissionais qualificadas para a terapia. Aqui você poderá ver o nome das profissionais, o registro profissional, onde elas atendem e se atendem online, e como entrar em contato. Você pode, ainda, ver a especialidade da profissional para selecionar com base na sua necessidade.

Se voc√™ √© profissional e gostaria de ter suas informa√ß√Ķes aqui no diret√≥rio, voc√™ pode se inscrever atrav√©s deste formul√°rio. Estaremos atualizando semanalmente.

Um cuidado que a modera√ß√£o do papo calcinha sempre tem √© o de fazer toda a dilig√™ncia poss√≠vel para que apenas profissionais qualificados fa√ßam parte dos nossos diret√≥rios, mas lembramos que √© responsabilidade individual de cada uma fazer sua pr√≥pria dilig√™ncia para escolher um profissional. N√£o nos responsabilizamos pelas rela√ß√Ķes comerciais realizadas entre profissionais e clientes participantes do Papo Calcinha.


Here is a list of quotes about lists


Here's the checklist we used for packing the bag to take to hospital for the arrival of our beautiful daughter. Make a copy and use this to check off everything you need so you're well prepared ahead of time. Good luck for the big day!!


Sort and filter through the top rated documentaries currently in the Netflix catalogue.


Job application checklist ideal for fresh graduates looking to get their career started


Since 2008 I have run a small book club for a group of friends. We meet every second month over dinner and a glass of wine. It's a great way to stimulate an interesting conversation with a group of friends, and also some discipline to keep us reading regularly. I often say to people that for the price of a few books and a few hours reading time, we've learned so much it almost feels like cheating! For anyone interested in doing more reading and wanting to know where to start, I have marked the books that I recommend that everyone read.


I wanted to create an easy way to check-off items as I added them to bundles, in order to reduce walking and also to know what my short term priorities should be each season. I also wanted something that was easy to use on a phone, unlike most spreadsheets. I pulled together data from various sources, including and other lists already out there. I hope this helps someone else!


Hi! This is my personal makeup collection I have used in the past and present. Feel free to reference and share my makeup products. I welcome you to indulge as you see fit! Enjoy :) -g xoxo


I've eaten a lot of Banh Mi across the globe. Here's a selection of the best places I've found in Melbourne. Please feel free to suggest anywhere I've missed out, and I'll be sure to see what the fuss is about!


Last Updated: 12/30/21 My YouTube Channel

My goal is to help everyone find a laptop they will love! When you buy through the links on this sheet, some are affiliate links and help support me and Stephen! So thank you for supporting us!

  1. Use my ratings as a rough guide only. Check detailed reviews for specific details on a laptop before buying.
  2. Best used on desktop browser! Use the Filter button to show only laptops for specific range of price, performance, or deal rating.  
  3. Find specific GPU/CPU/Display by searching with the Filter button within the Model field (i.e. "3060" or "i7-11800H" or "QHD")
  4. Use the Sort button to reorganize the list by Deal Rating, Worth Buying, Price, Performance, Discount, etc. 

Gizmo's Estimate Value - My ballpark value for that laptop vs similar laptop prices over the last six months. 

Worth Buying - How happy I think most people would be with the laptop based on price, premium features, portability, and performance. 

Deal Rating - How good of deal the laptop's specs vs regularly listed retail price.

Quality Rating - Rough rating of Build Quality, Keyboard, Touchpad, Display, RGB, and random extras. 

My goal is to add all available laptops from the below stores, except scalper listings.

Best Buy | BH Photo & Video | NewEgg | Adorama | Amazon | Walmart | HP | Lenovo | Dell 

Email suggestions to [email protected]


They are small and cute but powerful instruments.

List of best YouTube creators and channels that every uke lover should follow in 2022.

If your favorite ukulele channel is missing, let me know.


A selection of the tools, supplies, and materials that are essential or incredibly helpful for any beginner cosplayer or costume maker. Tried and tested by an experienced cosplayer! Includes links to either the exact product, or the closest and best I could find!

See more of my cosplay work on my website,, or my Instagram @winterstarcosplay!


Postal History and stamps during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Videos of various collections are available here to view. All telling the story of a different country through stamps.


A list of running shoes from /r/RunningShoeGeeks. Based on the recommendation list at


On February 26th, Russia invaded Ukraine, launching attacks on multiple cities, damaging and destroying lives, infrastructure and livelihoods.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees escaped to neighboring countries, and the international community rallied together to support them. In this process, people worldwide want to help in any way they can - and in this climate, scammers tend to take advantage of people's compassion and empathy. 

Our Listium Team has come together to create this resource and help direct donations to trustworthy charities that are accredited by multiple transparency-verifying organizations, as well as understand if your donation is going directly to the people affected and for what purpose. 

This list is a joint effort, and we are accepting suggestions and contributions to improving, adding more organizations, and taking in feedback to update it daily. 

Bear in mind we have used a few standardized transparency checks that may not exist in Ukraine, but that does not mean the local charities listed are automatically deemed scams. It just means you may want to choose a verified organization. 

Image by Tina Hartung - Via Unsplash


The diversity of birds on display!  Orders are the largest groups of birds, combining related birds so they can be studied together.  This is a list of bird orders as they exist in 2022.

Each bird order is rated for being diverse, famous, amazing, intriguing, and beautiful (one star for each).  You can see how we chose the rankings in each video review.

If there are any omissions or updates, please let me know!


Museum checklist of artifacts and minerals, and how to obtain them. Inspired by Marc Harrison's bundle checklist (though it's missing the secret final bundle! :) )


This list was created to help UK users choose the best used car to suit their needs, and easily find options available in their area. 

I've added the estimated road tax and prices based on the options available, as well as the video snippets where you can see what I think of each option - and what to look for when you are browsing to buy each specific car.

When buying a used car, consider the MPG and price, but don't forget to factor in the road tax, insurance, whether or not it has been in an accident, as well as your own personal needs. 

An important disclaimer: Do your proper research beyond just AutoTrader, and do a history check. I always recommend using V-Check for this as their check is far more comprehensive than the Experian / HPI checks that you see on most websites.

Follow me on other social networks for more car-related content to help you make better buying decisions!

Creator: Jim Starling - "DefinitelyNotAGuru"




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This is a list of all the tools and supplies I recommend for those starting out with Macrame as a hobby or business. 

The main thing you will need is cord, but there are other essential supplies and tools that can make your life easier. There are also a few other items you will need to make wall hangings, wreaths, and other pieces. 

I've assessed the items based on type, category, and whether or not they are necessary or just helpful. Click on the video column to watch the explanation and usage instructions of each tool and material.

Follow me for tutorials and ideas for your macrame projects:




This is a list of tools I'd recommend for a beginner leather worker. This list is far from exhaustive but it should get you up and running for a fairly affordable price and let you figure out if leather craft is for you.

Check out my video on how to get started in leather work here:

Follow me on YouTube and Instagram or you can check out my website where I post additional info to all my videos and have downloadable free leather craft patterns.


My goal with this list is to share my experience as a foreigner traveling in Brazil, visiting different beaches, interacting with people, trying out the local food and enjoying the journey. 

In this list, I have rated my favorite beaches and sorted them by City, State, safety, and my overall rating. 

I hope you enjoy this list and it helps you plan your trip to Brazil!


This list was originally compiled for fanfiction bookbinders, but the items listed apply to bookbinding as a whole. :)

Visit me at


Hey, crafty cuties! This list was created to share some of the tools and materials that I recommend if you want to start out with journaling, but that can also be useful for many different crafts. 

I have separated the items in different categories and assessed whether or not they are essential to start journaling. Watch the video stamps to see what I think of each tool. Click here for the full video on YouTube.

You can also find me here :






This is my ranked list of the bass guitars that I've either owned, or played and reviewed, on my Youtube channel…


This list was created to help you get started with Dioramas. Everything you need in order to start out, practice and learn the craft. 

Finding out the materials and tools you need can be daunting without someone to help you get started, so clone this list if you want to check each of the items you have already purchased or could find around the house, and this can be your perfect shopping list. Feel free to watch the full video here.

I have categorized the item based on the main function, and have assessed whether or not each item is essential, helpful or not necessary. 

Follow me on YouTube to learn more about the hobby!


Here is a list of the actual supplies that I use for all the painting tutorials that I do on my YouTube channel. If you're just getting started in the world of acrylic painting, you can check out my acrylic painting basics class on SkillShare and try it FREE for 2 weeks.

Ready to Make Gorgeous Acrylic Paintings? Try my classes on SkillShare (oh, and it's free for 2 weeks!)

ūüé® Magic of Acrylics: Acrylic Painting Basics for Beginners

ūüé® Paint Slapping Magic of Brushes: Instantly Improve your Acrylic Paintings

ūüé® Magic of Color: Create Gorgeously Colorful Paintings (and Feel Good Doing it)

ūüé® Beach Waves: Create a Dynamic Beach Landscape Painting

ūüé® Watercolor Effects with Acrylic Paint: Create Beautifully Colorful Blends

Check out more acrylic painting shenanigans here:

‚≠ź The Buzzed Artist BLOG

‚≠ź The Buzzed Artist YOUTUBE channel


Hey! My name is Michael and I am the owner of the Disney Parks Addict YouTube channel, where you can get all the information you need about all the different Disney Parks around the world. 

This list is a summary of my ratings of each park, as well as information on the quality of attractions, food options, and overall Disney experience. 

Click on the Video Review column to watch in-depth videos of all the parks and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for much more.


If you are looking for the best pyrography tools, you are in the right place! Whether you are starting out with woodburning as a hobby or a business, this comprehensive list can help you find the best woodburning tools and supplies available on the market.

My goal is to help YOU find pyrography tools that you love.

I've assessed the items based on function, category, whether or not they are necessary or just helpful, and whether or not they are worth buying.

Click on the video column to watch the explanation and usage instructions for each tool and material.

For the ultimate beginner woodburning techniques, watch the full video here.

Once you buy your tools, don't forget to learn how to use them!

You can also follow me on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok for woodburning projects and inspiration.


Jannie Lisonbee

Pyro Professor | Woodburning Artist | Founder of Burn Savvy


The best items to safely and quickly babyproof your home.


I'm Damian and this is a list of some of the Anime I've watched over the last few years and a few comments about each of them. 

I've added the IMDB rating, number of episodes, and seasons, and I also rated them based on the quality.

Follow me for more Anime Content:



Hi! My name is Deema, and I've been watching Kdramas for the past decade. I started at 12 years old, and I'm now 23! I love dramas, and I never had friends in real life that liked the same things I did, so I created 'Deemalovesdrama,' in December 2019. Now, we have one of the biggest Kdrama communities online, and we all fangirl/fanguy together all the time. It's a super fun community that I'm sOOO proud of creating, and I hope you will join it one day! 

This list is my top 35 dramas as of May 2022, and I'll update it regularly :) 

You can find me at:


we'll pretty much waste years on this game so let's organize our plans


Disney movies are a part of most of our childhoods. This list is a table version of my tier list video rating 60 Disney movies from different eras, as well as my comments. I've included the runtime, IMDB Rating, year of release, and some comments. 

Click on the video review column to watch specific snippets where I talk about each of the films. And follow me on YouTube for more reviews!


Hey! My name is Michael and I am the owner of the Disney Parks Addict YouTube channel, where you can get all the information you need about all the different Disney Parks around the world. 

This list is a summary of my ratings of all the rides and attractions at Disney's California Adventure Park at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, as well as information on the description of attractions, location, and overall Disney experience. 

Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for much more.

Check out the full ATTRACTION GUIDE video for all the rides and attractions at Disney's California Adventure Park  HERE


Check out some great deals for Disneyland & WDW Hotels and Tickets at my affiliate link for UNDERCOVERTOURIST:


I'm Josh - creator of the Bonsai-En YouTube Channel and Podcast, and on this list, I share with you my recommendations of all the essential tools to get started with bonsai.

I've categorized the items in Pruning, Modelling, Root Care, Repotting, and Cleaning. And I've also rated them based on the value for money and whether or not the item is essential to get started.

You can see the full video review of items here, or specific snippets within the list:

If you are just getting started with Bonsai, or are an enthusiast of this art, join us at the Bonsai En podcast and follow our YouTube channel for tips and updates.

You can also visit our Website or our Online Bonsai Shop www.Bonsai-En.Shop or follow the links below.


This is a list with all my favorite drawing supplies for beginners. If you want to get started with drawing but don't know what to buy, this list should help you decide what the most important items are.

Remember, you don't need to buy all of these supplies right away. Rather see which supplies might solve any issues you run into in your journey of learning to draw (for example, one issue may be that you are constantly smudging messy media like graphite or charcoal on your hand, and the answer to that may be to buy a big pad of wax paper to protect your paper/hand with).

Start out with the essentials and then branch out from there!

For further reviews or to see these products in action, check out my Youtube Channel , Patreon , and Skillshare !


I think 128GB is the sweet spot for this phone. 64GB is too small given the size of today's apps and high-def video (and is not even an option on the iPhone 13 Mini), but 256GB (and 512GB for the iPhone 13) is too expensive for people who are looking for a decently priced phone.

RRP is currently $1,079.00 for the iPhone 12 Mini 128GB.

RRP is currently $1,199.00 for the iPhone 13 Mini 128GB.

Note: Amazon, JB HiFi and Officeworks are all pretty quick to adjust their online prices when one of the others adjusts theirs. It's worth checking them all before purchasing, but you will usually find them all at the same price.


Building model ships can be a great hobby for anyone, of any age. In this list, I share with you my favorite tools to get started. I've listed the tools based on category, and assessed whether or not they are essential to start out. You can watch my comments on each tool in the "video review" column.

If you are interested in learning more about model ships as a hobby, subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

There are entire series of how to make a model-ship ,from unboxing and all the way to the completion of the model.

Follow me in Facebook and Instagram


This is a list with my rating of all types of Pokemon, including their weaknesses, strengths, and special traits. Click the "Video Review" column to see my in-depth thoughts about each type of Pokemon, as well as how to highlight their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses.

I tried to consider all aspects of a typing over the history of the franchise, including both in-game and competitive performance over all 8 generations.

Follow me on YouTube for more Pokemon and Japan related content!

I focus on extensive tier lists, a well as Japanese-exclusive Gen 1 glitch showcases.


Are you looking for the best gaming PC controller? If your answer is yes, so indeed you are in the right spot!

I can say that if you see the list attentively you will be able to pick the best PC Gaming controller for you in your targeted budget!


Hey There, are you looking for the best game streaming webcam? If the answer is yes, indeed you are in the right place!

I did a great deal of internet research and web Research because I wanted to list the current market's best game streaming webcam for you guys. And finally, as you can see here I have created the best 20 lists of gaming webcams for streaming.

Hopefully, if you see the list attentively you will be able to pick the best Gaming webcam for you in your targeted budget!


I'm passionate about fashion and created this list for those men who want to accessorize but don't know how to. A perfect shoe improve your personality more. If you are looking to buy a SHOE and improve your style, here is some modern stylish premium segment SHOE for men's only. Please take a look…


Cities Skylines has recently seen a big jump in new players thanks to an awesome deal on Humble Bundle (unfortunately now finished).

For all those new players, returning players, or (like me) those who have made the leap from console to computer, it's a fun time to be playing this awesome city building game.

One thing that is a big part of this game is learning how to improve your cities, and YouTube is the place to do that. Here are some of my favorite creators on YouTube who have helped me, or just kept me up way too late at night!

Who have I missed? Use the Suggest button to let me know who else I should be following. I'll watch a couple of their videos and add my favorites to the list.

Note: Listium is looking for a passionate creator who loves Cities Skylines and who loves lists. If this sounds like you, reach out via [email protected]


If you have a Phone, Then Charger must.

Here I collected top best portable chargers for iPhone. I think this list will help you find out the best chargers for your phone within your budget.


Hey there, do you want to find the best books in the world? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place and should read and see the list attentively. In this list, I have best try to input here the best book.


Hi there, do you want to buy the best anxiety books? If yes, I can say that this list guides you to buy the best anxiety books.

I did a lot of internet research to find the best anxiety book for you. So without any hesitation, you can pick the best anxiety books from here :)


Hello, if you want to buy the best motorcycle for a beginner. Then this post will help you. Hopefully, this list will help you choose the best motorcycle for a beginner.


This list is a collection of mousepads I've tried, my rating, the dimensions and variations, as well as price and a few comments about each of them. Check out the Video Comments column for my video on these 40 mousepads. Click here to support my YouTube channel and here to join my Discord channel.

 Do keep in mind some of these pads have various use when tested so some testing may vary on pads that I have had from a long time ago. I have tested these with the air duster method, in game performance, as well as numerous other methods to come to the conclusions that I have. 

Unfortunately, I can't test for everything like durability, QC, and humidity I have to test as I get a humid climate so any and all feedback is appreciated.

Mousepads are also very subjective in terms of what you are after so do keep that in mind. I try not to say one is bad unless it has legitimate issues or it's the same as something else.


This list will help you choose the best scratch remover for a car. I researched the internet and Amazon and listed all the information on the 20 best car scratch remover products here. So you can feel free to take any item of your choice from this list.


Hello, are you looking for the best subwoofer for your cars? If you are looking for the best subwoofer. Then this list will help you a lot.

No matter what you call it to post or list, I have done numerous searches from Google and Amazon to select the best products so that a buyer is not deceived by purchasing these products as per my recommendation.


Here are my favourite series of all time - ranked! There's a wide mix of genres and age categories so there's something for everyone! Click on the YouTube icon under "my comments" to hear all my thoughts about the series and I've included a link to buy them if you want!

YouTube channel





This is a list for trivia lovers out there who want to brush up on their political history of the U.S. knowledge before they have a trivia party! We've compiled all U.S. presidents, their vice presidents and first ladies, as well as their parties and presidency years and even comments on their presidency highlights. So now you can play around with the list and make sure you like it to help us reach more people!


My name is Jemima Skelley and I am a traveler and content creator from Australia. In this list, I share my favorite national parks in New South Wales, to help you decide your next adventure with your family.

I share a lot more through my YouTube channel and Instagram.


This is an introduction to how to get started with building your own robots. You will find an explanation of the basics you need to build one yourself. In this list, we will take a look at the basic components and tools everyone needs to get started in the wonderful world of robot building. Join me in the exciting world of DIY robotics.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more robotics content


This is a list of mayors of New York City. We've compiled their names, pictures, years of service, period, party and a few curious details we've found here and there. BUT this list is a work in progress and we need your help! If you are a Historian or have knowledge about any of the missing pieces of some of the mayors, make sure you click on "Suggest an item" and we will add your suggestions.

We are compiling the best New York City lists! Support our work by liking this list!