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Minecraft Survival To-Do List (Free to copy!)

If you love playing Minecraft Survival but are struggling with what to do in order to advance, this list is for you! Here are all the things to do in Minecraft, sortable by your level of skill.

This list is a compilation of advice from different creators listed below, as well as their experience. You can copy this list and use it as a checklist.

Special shout out to all creators who make videos and tutorials and who inspired this list:

Mumbo Jumbo, Jacob Gulan, Stingray Productions, Aswb Yt, William Strife, Evanland Channel, TheKSTutorials, VIPmanYT, Plodgem, Flascoe,Avomance, Grian, TheMythicalSausage, whos.aakash, CyberGamingShark, SwordSmith, TSMC - Minecraft, BlueNerd Minecraft, wattle, SmoothMarky POGProductionz, Absolute Network, Welsknight Gaming, FullySpaced, Farzy, Pixlriffs, Eyecraftmc, YourSixGaming, JWhisp, OMGcraft - Minecraft Tips & Tutorials, Spudetti, Pallangor, Flashhaft, TheNeoCubest, Sekai, TEN TEN FUNNY TV, Shulkercraft, RajCraft, ECKOSOLDIER, BrownCoat67, Kay's Kreation MC Bedrock, Eagle MCraft, GlitchNOut

Gaming Collective
Gaming Collective
23rd November 2022 in video gaming
Minecraft Survival To-Do List (Free to copy!)
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  • Category

  • 1

    Collect 25 Logs

  • 2

    Collect 25 Stones

  • 3

    Make Charcoal

  • 4

    Make a Stone Sword

  • 5

    Make a Stone Pickaxe

  • 6

    Make a Shelter

  • 7

    Add Torches to the Shelter

  • 8

    Add a Wooden Door to the Shelter

  • 9

    Add a Crafting Table to the Shelter

  • 10

    Craft a Chest

  • 11

    Craft a Bed

  • 12

    Make a Crop Farm

  • 13

    Make an Animal Enclosure

  • 14

    Make a Bridge

  • 15

    Survive for 20 days

  • Category

  • 16

    Collect 20 pieces of Iron

  • 17

    Make an Iron Pickaxe

  • 18

    Make an Iron Sword

  • 19

    Make a Bow

  • 20

    Make a Garden

  • 21

    Explore a Cave

  • 22

    Kill a Creeper

  • 23

    Start a Mineshaft

  • 24

    Claim Land

  • 25

    Make a House with Glass Windows

  • 26

    Decorate the House

  • 27

    Explore 10 Maps Around

  • 28

    Tame One Wolf

  • 29

    Build a Small Storage House

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