Find or create the perfect list for any job. From a simple todo list to a complete record of your prized collection, we give you the tools you need to create the perfect list for any job. Create private lists, share lists with friends, or publish your lists and share them with the world. All in one place.

Due to browser limitations we are unable to display a print friendly version of the list.

Sign up for a free account on Listium to access our custom print function, plus a range of other features including:

  • Private and shared lists
  • Published lists
  • Mobile apps
  • Maps, images
  • Sorting, grouping and filtering
  • and much more...

Create a free account in minutes.

NO credit card required. NO timed trials. NO limit on creating published lists.

Pay only when you need more than 3 private lists, or earn free credits by supporting Listium.

Enough for many users, with no time limit
Unlimited published lists
3 private lists
Attach images
Basic email support
For power users who need a lot of private lists
$3 USD/month
All FREE features, plus
Unlimited private lists
Attach all file types
Priority email support
For people using Listium to grow their online presence
Let's Chat
All UNLIMITED features, plus
Personal account manager
Marketing support
Additional revenue options
Early access to new publishing features

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if I have used all of my free lists on the Basic plan?

Once you have reached your limit you will not be able to create a new list until you upgrade your account or archive one or more of your current lists.

Archived lists are NOT deleted. You can unarchive a list at any time provided you have room in your quota on the Basic plan, or you upgrade your account.

How can I get free access to the Unlimited plan?

If you’d rather support Listium in ways other than paying for the Unlimited plan, we’ve made it relatively easy to earn free access.

You can automatically earn one week of credit for each new user who signs up:

  • by accepting an invitation from you;
  • by accepting an email invitation to share a list from you;
  • after first discovering Listium via a list published and shared by you. (If you publish and share original lists that become popular, this could be a LOT of people!)
  • In addition, you can do some of the following and request some free time be manually added to your account:

  • review our iOS or Android app;
  • complete feedback surveys, report bugs and suggest features.
  • What if I have done everything I can, but I still need more free time?

    A large number of our members are lucky enough to live in countries where $3 is less than the cost of a cup of coffee. We are very aware that not everyone is so fortunate.

    If you’ve helped Listium in a few ways and still need more free access to the Unlimited plan, then all you have to do is ask.

    How can I pay?

    There are three ways: our website; Google Play store; iTunes (in-app) purchase.

    The pricing is slightly different for Android and iOS given the different limitations provided by each store. Also, there are certain limitations when using iTunes payments, including an inability for us to give you free time in the same was as we do when you pay via our website.

    Tell me more about the restrictions with paying via iTunes

    If you choose to pay via iTunes we cannot automatically add free time to your account. We will record all of your free time and save it up, and at any time you can cancel your iTunes payments and start using the free time. If you pay via the Play Store or directly through Listium we will automatically add any accumulated time to your account, extending the date of your next payment.

    Why are we limiting the number of private lists on free accounts?

    We wanted to keep things simple. We considered lots of options including timed trials, but we know that some people need more time to try a new product than others. We figured that limiting the number of private lists was the simplest way to make it like an untimed trial. And if you never need any more lists, it remains free.

    Why unlimited published lists?

    Publishing lists on Listium helps us. If you’d rather not pay, then publishing lists and sharing them with as many people as possible helps us reach more people, and some of them will ultimately sign up for a paid plan. You get a free product, we get the revenue we need to keep going. Win-win!

    Why aren’t we relying on investors to fund the business like other startups?

    In part, we are. But investors need to know they can make money one day, and they won’t fund us if we can’t demonstrate an ability to do that.

    What about advertising?

    If we don’t have people paying to use the app then we have to rely on targeted advertising, and that is both uncertain and not great for our users. Let’s all work together to avoid it coming to that.