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A Handy list of Organizations Collecting Donations for Ukraine 2022

On February 26th, Russia invaded Ukraine, launching attacks on multiple cities, damaging and destroying lives, infrastructure and livelihoods.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees escaped to neighboring countries, and the international community rallied together to support them. In this process, people worldwide want to help in any way they can - and in this climate, scammers tend to take advantage of people's compassion and empathy. 

Our Listium Team has come together to create this resource and help direct donations to trustworthy charities that are accredited by multiple transparency-verifying organizations, as well as understand if your donation is going directly to the people affected and for what purpose. 

This list is a joint effort, and we are accepting suggestions and contributions to improving, adding more organizations, and taking in feedback to update it daily. 

Bear in mind we have used a few standardized transparency checks that may not exist in Ukraine, but that does not mean the local charities listed are automatically deemed scams. It just means you may want to choose a verified organization. 

Image by Tina Hartung - Via Unsplash

Published 2 years ago
Our Top Creators for Creators

Our favorite creators for creators are an extraordinary group of individuals who possess an exceptional talent for crafting captivating content across various mediums. They are visionaries who constantly push the boundaries of their respective fields, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impact on our hearts and minds.

These creators are masters of their craft, adept at utilizing various digital platforms to express their creativity. From YouTube and Twitch to Instagram and TikTok, they have found their virtual stages, where they captivate audiences with their unique voices and engaging personalities.

Published 9 months ago
Xbox Games Showcase 2023

The team at Listium are big fans of Xbox, and we enjoyed watching the recent Games Showcase. To show our support, and to demonstrate the power of Listium, we turned the showcase video into a list that anyone can use to quickly check up on their most anticipated releases.

Use the filter to narrow down the list, and try different views to see which suits you best.

You can watch the specific Showcase segment for any game right here on on Listium, thanks to the timestamped embeds.


Published 10 months ago