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Developmental checklist for two year olds

Just a few points I've read from studies after raising 3 of my own (Keep in mind, everyone is different!)

  • 1
    Refers to Self by Name
  • 2
    Recognizes and Points to Common Objects when asked
  • 3
    Knows the name of atleast one colour
  • 4
    Matches two colour samples
  • 5
    Understands and points to little and big objects
  • 6
    Imitates the actions of adults
  • 7
    Imitates play or activites of other children
  • 8
    When named points to atleast six body parts
  • 9
    Enjoys watching TV and looking at books
  • 10
    Understands concept of "one' and "two"
  • 11
    Starts to notice differences between safe and unsafe environment
  • 12
    Anticipates consequences (Fire will burn)
  • 13
    Indentifies 'boy' and 'girl'
  • 14
    Begins to develop senses of touch, smell, taste, and hearing
  • 15
    Begins to place large puzzle pieces in appropriate slots
  • 16
    Enjoys simple symbolic play (pretending)
  • 17
    Places objects 'on', 'in', 'beside' or 'under'
  • 18
    Identifies self in mirror
  • 19
    Begins to understand 'hot' and 'cold'
  • 20
    Begins to understand 'wet' and 'dry'
  • 21
    Sings or repeats parts of nursery rhymes and songs
  • 22
    Follows simple command or directions
  • 23
    Says Name when asked
  • 24
    Verbalizes Wants ("Want Water")
  • 25
    Describes what happened in two or three words
  • 26
    Explains "no" in two words
  • 27
    Uses Pronuouns
  • 28
    Uses Plural words
  • 29
    Asks Questions
  • 30
    Listens to Songs and Rhymes
  • 31
    Names common objects in pictures