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Checklist for planning a baby shower

Use this use list if you want one less head ache while planning your baby shower

Emily Wright
Emily Wright
12th December 2016 in family & parenting
Checklist for planning a baby shower
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Time Frame
  • 1

    Determine budget.

  • 2

    Select date.

  • 3

    Create guest list.

  • 4

    Select location of the party and if required book as early as possible.

  • 5

    Decide the theme or motif of the party (consider the honoree's preferences and taste).

  • 6

    Pepare invitations.

  • 7

    Mail Invitations - make sure to include directions and a map, and an RSVP deadline no later than a week before.

  • 8

    Plan the menu and decide whether it is a traditional brunch tea party or light dinner celebration.

  • 9

    If hosting in your house check if there are enough tableware, tables, and chairs. If extras are needed, research on the rental options. Make a list of decorations, props, prizes, or party favors that the party will need.

  • 10

    Order the cake, flowers, and chairs and tables (if needed).

  • 11

    Shop the decorations, tableware (disposable) if hosting the baby shower at home. Buy party favors and goody bags. Order any other special surprises or entertainment.

  • 12

    Help with thank-you notes. Print out the invitation list, with complete addresses, to give to the honoree (if not a surprise).

  • 13

    Prepare some games. Make sure you provide a lot of pencil.

  • 14

    If the baby shower will be held in a restaurant or party space, confirm the reservation.

  • 15

    If you are using a caterer, reconfirm plans with them

  • 16

    Call anyone who has not called to RSVP.

  • 17

    Make a final count on the guest list.

  • 18

    If party is being hosted at home, start cleaning.

  • 19

    Buy your gift for the mom-to-be.

  • 20

    Assign a photographer.

  • 21

    If you are going to do the cooking, shop all the nonperishables, and prepare as much freezable food as possible.

  • 22

    Wrap all gifts and party favors.

  • 23

    Re-confirm with guests who will bring food or special items.

  • 24

    Complete buying grocery list.

  • 25

    Finish the food preparations, bake the cake.

  • 26

    Begin decorating. Set up the party space. Arrange the favors, prizes, and games, and check to make sure you have everything you need.

  • 27

    Set up tables, chairs, tables where the food and drinks will be placed.

  • 28

    Pick up the flowers, balloons, cake (if ordered).

  • 29

    Finish setting up decorations.

  • 30

    Put all the party favors out on the table.

  • 31

    Setup food and drinks on the .

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