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Demetria Caldas
Five tips for communicating with a hard-of-hearing

Hearing loss leads to various unpleasant consequences. These include problems with communication. After all, people with normal hearing often do not understand how it is possible to miss a word or an entire phrase. Therefore, if you are communicating with a hard of hearing, try to take into account the peculiarities of their perception. Ear doctor Staten Island recommends the following tips to help you increase the comfort and quality of communication with hard of hearing!

Published a year ago
Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hearing Aid

Hearing loss is a common concern that affects millions of people around the world. Fortunately, advancements in technology have led to the development of sophisticated hearing aids that can significantly improve one's quality of life. However, with a plethora of options available, choosing the right hearing aid can be a daunting task. To make an informed decision, it's essential to consider several crucial factors that align with your individual needs and preferences. In this article, we'll explore the top five factors to consider when choosing a hearing aid from a hearing aid store.

Published 8 months ago
Unlocking Better Hearing: 7 Essential Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements

Maintaining good hearing health is vital for our overall well-being. However, as we age or face environmental challenges, hearing problems can become a reality. While consulting a audiologists is essential, there are vitamins, minerals, and supplements that can complement your hearing health regimen. In this listicle, we'll explore ten essential nutrients that can contribute to better hearing.

Published 7 months ago