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Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Complete Light Saber Customization List

Collecting Light Sabers? Here's a list of every Light Saber Cosmetic Item for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order! Enjoy

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Ric Laurence
7th February 2020 in hobbies & interests
Where to Find
  • Lightsaber Emitter

  • 1
    Jaro Tapal
  • 2
    Mygeeto Campaign (Premium Content)
  • 3
    Umbaran Campaign (Premium Content)
  • 4
    Peace and Justice
  • 5
    Valor and Wisdom
  • 6
    Power and Control
  • 7
    Passion and Strength
  • 8
    Elemental Nature
  • 9
    Duty and Resolve
  • 10
    Eno Cordova
  • 11
  • 12
    Cera Junda
  • Lightsaber Switch

  • 13
    Jaro Tapal
  • 14
    Mygeeto Campaign (Premium Content)
  • 15
    Umbaran Campaign (Premium Content)
  • 16
    Peace and Justice
  • 17
    Peace and Justice II
  • 18
    Valor and Wisdom
  • 19
    Valor and Wisdom II
  • 20
    Power and Control
  • 21
    Power and Control II
  • 22
    Passion and Strength
  • 23
    Passion and Strength II
  • 24
    Elemental Nature
  • 25
    Elemental Nature II
  • 26
    Duty and Resolve
  • 27
    Duty and Resolve II
  • 28
    Eno Cordova
  • 29
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