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The Surge 2: All Weapons Guide & Checklist

Weapons in The Surge 2 are the player's primary offensive option and comes in varied applications. Players can found new weapons throughout the game by killing enemies, bosses, and inside chests. Here is a list of all Weapons for the Surge 2. Enjoy

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Ric Laurence
Ric Laurence
4th June 2020 in video gaming
The Surge 2: All Weapons Guide & Checklist
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Raw Dmg
Attack Speed %
Energy Gain %
Stam Consumption %
Where to Find
  • Category

  • 1

    HL-1 Defibrillators

  • 10

    Corroded Butterfly

  • 13

    Killer Klaw

  • 7

    Metamorphing Talons

  • 9

    MG Strigil

  • 12

    Foremen's Divine Hands

  • 2

    S&R Jackdaw

  • 5

    JCPD Tasergrips

  • 6

    Infected Tasergrips

  • 3

    Little Johnny's Forceps

  • 8

    Codename: Valkyrie

  • 4

    Little Johnny's Forceps V2.0

  • 11

    Golden Twin Blades

  • Category

  • 38

    Protest Sign

  • 39

    Strongarm Twin Blade

  • 34

    INF-Labs 'Vechni'

  • 33

    Empty INF-Labs Chassis

  • 26

    Mimetic Edge

  • 30

    Infected 'Aeterna'

  • 40

    MG Centurion

  • 31

    KLINGE Velo-Saw

  • 35

    Infected 'Vechni'

  • 28

    Infected 'Rainfall'

  • 37

    Warren's Well-Used Cutter

  • 32

    KLINGE Velo-Saw Ultra

  • 27

    JAG-27 'Rainfall'

  • 36

    Totem Wolf Tomahawk

  • 25

    JAG-9 'Longfang'

  • 29

    JAG-22 'Aeterna'

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