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witcher 3 quests

This table lists all the quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, including main quests and side quests, as well as locations where to get the quests and when you should do them. Everybody should have this bookmarked! (you can also use as a quests checklist) Sourced from

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Stacy McAvoy
Stacy McAvoy
16th August 2019 in video gaming
witcher 3 quests
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  • 84

    Contract: Devil by the Well

  • 122

    Dirty Funds

  • 225

    Imperial Audience

  • 266

    On Death´s Bed

  • 349

    The Dwarven Document Dilemma

  • 359

    The Incident at White Orchard

  • 120

    Deserter gold

  • 201

    Funeral Pyres

  • 341

    The Beast of White Orchard

  • 31

    An Unfortunate Turn of Events

  • 198

    Freya Be Praised!

  • 284

    Queen Zuleyka´s Treasure

  • 331

    Sunken Chest

  • 332

    Sunken Treasure

  • 336

    Temerian Valuables

  • 7

    A Dog´s Life

  • 22

    A Princess in Distress

  • 70

    Ciri´s Room

  • 72

    Ciri´s Story: Fleeing the Bog

  • 73

    Ciri´s Story: Out of the Shadows

  • 74

    Ciri´s Story: The King of the Wolves

  • 75

    Ciri´s Story: The Race

  • 224

    Hunting a Witch

  • 368

    The Nilfgaardian Connection

  • 389

    The Whispering Hillock

  • 8

    A Favor for a Friend

  • 25

    A Towerful of Mice

  • 30

    An Invitation from Keira Metz

  • 57

    Bloody Baron

  • 113

    Contract: Woodland Beast

  • 180

    Family Matters

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