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Total War: Three Kingdoms Armour Ancillary Checklist

Weapons, Mount, Followers, and Accessories list at my Public lists: @riclau

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Ric Laurence
Ric Laurence
11th February 2020 in video gaming
Total War: Three Kingdoms Armour Ancillary Checklist
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Hero Class
Stat Bonus
Other Bonus
  • 19

    Armour of the Adept

  • 1

    Bastion of Fire

  • 20

    Champion's Leather

  • 21

    Defender's Leather

  • 22

    Dignified Raiment

  • 2

    Dragon's Scales

  • 41

    Dull Iron Carapace

  • 3

    Enduring Tortoise

  • 36

    Expert's Leather

  • 37

    Forged Iron Scale

  • 4

    Gilded Turtle

  • 5


  • 23

    Hardened Iron Shell

  • 43

    Hunter's Garb

  • 42

    Instructor's Leather

  • 24

    Intellectual Vestures

  • 6

    Leather of the Fire Phoenix

  • 7

    Lord's Will

  • 8

    Master's Attire

  • 25

    Master's Leather

  • 9

    Nature's Shield

  • 26

    Noble's Leather

  • 10

    Noble's Right

  • 27

    Professional's Raiment

  • 28

    Proficient's Scale Armor

  • 11

    Raiments of War

  • 38

    Ranger's Outfit

  • 29

    Redoubtable Mail

  • 30

    Robe of the Omen Maker

  • 12

    Robes of the Mantis

  • 31

    Sage's Armour

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Weapons, Armour, Mount, and Accessories list at my Public list: @riclau

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Weapons, Armour, Followers, Accessories list at my Public list: @riclau

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