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Daemon X Machina: Weapons List

Slots increase selling price by 12.5% each.

Selling Price
  • Arm Weapon

  • 1
    HAW-R01 Grim Reaper
  • 2
    HAW-R01F Grim Reaper
  • 3
    HAW-R01S Grim Reaper
  • 4
    HAW-R01L Grim Reaper
  • 5
    HAW-R01-AT Grim Reaper AT
  • 6
    HAW-R02 Grim Reaper II
  • 7
    HAW-R02F Grim Reaper II
  • 8
    HAW-R02S Grim Reaper II
  • 9
    HAW-R02L Grim Reaper II
  • 10
    HAW-R03 Grim Reaper III
  • 11
    HAW-R03F Grim Reaper III
  • 12
    HAW-R03S Grim Reaper III
  • 13
    HAW-R03L Grim Reaper III
  • 14
    SAW-R01 Astraeus
  • 15
    SAW-R01F Astraeus
  • 16
    SAW-R01S Astraeus
  • 17
    SAW-R01L Astraeus
  • 18
    SAW-R02 Astraeus II
  • 19
    SAW-R02F Astraeus II
  • 20
    SAW-R02S Astraeus II
  • 21
    SAW-R02L Astraeus II
  • 22
    HAW-R26 Guilty Throne
  • 23
    HAW-R26F Guilty Throne
  • 24
    HAW-R26S Guilty Throne
  • 25
    HAW-R26L Guilty Throne
  • 26
    OAW-R42 Lost Heart
  • 27
    HAW-M01 Silver Raven
  • 28
    HAW-M01F Silver Raven
  • 29
    HAW-M01S Silver Raven
  • 30
    HAW-M01L Silver Raven
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