Find or create the perfect list for any job. From a simple todo list to a complete record of your prized collection, we give you the tools you need to create the perfect list for any job. Create private lists, share lists with friends, or publish your lists and share them with the world. All in one place.

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Sign up for a free account on Listium to access our custom print function, plus a range of other features including:

  • Private and shared lists
  • Published lists
  • Mobile apps
  • Maps, images
  • Sorting, grouping and filtering
  • and much more...
A special invitation

Our goal at Listium is to create the world's best place to share a list. We think that high quality lists can be a very powerful tool and, even though the internet is full of lists, all of the existing ways we share lists have serious limitations.

We are hard at work improving our already feature-rich app. At the same time we are inviting a very small group of niche experts and micro-influencers to join us at the start of this journey.

We can't promise huge dollars on day one, but we can promise you 100% of the revenue, and that we will be doing everything we can to make this work for all of our early partners.

Special announcement for YouTube creators at the bottom of the page!

What is Listium?

It's like YouTube, but instead of videos we have lists; it's like Instagram, but instead of photos we have lists; or it's like SoundCloud, SlideShare or Medium, but instead of audio, presentations and articles, we have lists!

While most people think of task lists when they hear "lists", we are talking about things like top 10's, favorites, collections, recommendations, wish lists, directories, reviews, and so on.

On Listium you can discover, create, share and publish lists. Creators can add custom fields such as text, numbers, checkboxes, ratings, images and links. You can switch between a variety of views including table, article, grid, map, and our new "comparison" view.

We have all the tools that you and your visitors would expect from a list app including sort, filter and grouping. We also have a range of features you would find on any good publishing site like user profiles, view counts and the ability for visitors to like a published list.

Coming soon, we will have more features to help build and engage with an audience such as public discussions, as well as the ability to follow a user or a list.

There are plenty of ways to share a list, so why do we need Listium?

Spreadsheets are good for large lists with lots of data and they give you the ability to do things like sort and filter the list. But spreadsheets are terrible for images and paragraphs of text, and they are overkill for most lists. Spreadsheets cannot be viewed in any layout other than a table of rows and columns which is particularly frustrating on phones. They are also pretty much invisible when it comes to SEO.

Lists in the form of articles ("listicles") look great, particularly when they contain lots of images and parapraphs of text, but you can't sort, filter or regroup an article. And they cannot be viewed in any layout other than their original article layout.

Listium gives you everything in one place - multiple views on any list; custom fields so you can make a list of just about anything; SEO optimised so your lists get found; the ability to build an audience and even montize your lists.

What do you have to do to join?

If you received an email invitiation then all you need to do is reply to that email within a couple of days and let us know you are interested.

If you didn't receive an invitation from Listium and were sent a link to this page by somebody else, just email [email protected] and include links to your social media accounts so we can get to know you, and we will be in touch soon.

We will then have our team create your first list for you (yes, WE will create the list based on your instructions) then transfer it to your account.

You can then share the list in any way you wish, and we will also share the list on our accounts. We might even throw a few dollars into boosting the best lists.

What does it cost?

The first one or two lists it will cost nothing, and you get to keep 100% of the revenue earned from the list by using your own affiliate codes instead of ours.

If you decide to publish more lists then you can either create and publish the lists yourself for no cost, or you can get help from our team who are ready to make your lists for you for a small fee to cover the cost of their time.

What's in it for us?

We are only interested in two things - listening to your feedback about how to improve Listium and this program, and getting the data so we can show existing and new investors the potential of Listium. We can then raise new funds money to make a better product for the benefit of all of us.

Benefits of publishing on Listium

Here are some benefits of publishing on Listium:

  • Better experience for viewers than any other way to share a list
  • Great SEO, including the potential to have your lists included by Google as a featured snippet
  • Easy to monetize your lists, and completely free for early preview members!
  • You will be forever remembered (and rewarded) for taking a punt on a little Australian startup that wanted to make something big!

Special offer for YouTube creators

We are trialing a new feature where you can embed a video at the top of a list, replacing the image that is currently shown. This video can be played while a visitor browses the list. If you create video lists and we replicate that list on Listium, that means:

  • Two results in search rankings instead of one - the Listium list and your video
  • A chance for the list to be shown as a Google featured snippet
  • You get a view on YouTube even when they watch it on Listium, and you get the view for your list on Listium
  • We expect substantially better click through and conversion rates for affiliate links on Listium than buried in YouTube video descriptions

This feature needs to be enabled on your account, so please let us know you'd like to try this feature when you get in touch.