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Things to Avoid Eating When Pregnant

Keep your baby safe, say NO to some cravings and guilty pleasures!

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Do you usually like this food?
Tips for item safety
Will you use the tips?
  • 1
    Raw Meat
  • 2
    Organ Meat
  • 3
    Deli Meat
  • 4
    Meat Spread or Pâté
  • 5
    Hot Dog
  • 6
    Smoked Seafood
  • 7
    Raw or Undercooked Fish
  • 8
    Fish Containing Mercury
  • 9
    Soft Cheeses Made from Unpasteurized Milk
  • 10
    Raw Eggs
  • 11
    Prepared Salads from the Deli
  • 12
    Raw Sprouts
  • 13
    Raw Cookie Dough
  • 14
    Cake Icings
  • 15
    Ice Cream
  • 16
    Homemade Desserts or Sauces
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