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Preparing Your Home for Winter Check-list

For those of you who weren't blessed with living near the equator

Richard Wilson
12th April 2016 in home & garden

  • Heating, Furnaces, Ductwork & Air Conditioning

  • 1
    Check/Replace house thermostat
  • 2
    Check furnace and replace air filter
  • 3
    Check heating ductwork and all exposed ducts
  • 4
    Check all vents and close vents in unused rooms
  • 5
    Inspect and clean chimney
  • 6
    Check fireplace
  • 7
    Inspect firebox & flue system
  • 8
    Flush hot water heater
  • 9
    Bleed valves on any hot water radiators
  • 10
    Clean house humidifier and replace evaporator pad
  • 11
    Check smoke detectors
  • 12
    Check Carbonmono-oxide detectors
  • 13
    Reverse ceiling fan direction
  • 14
    Install foam insulation panels behind outlets and switchboards on exterior walls
  • Windows & Doors

  • 15
    Check/Replace weatherstripping around windows and door frames
  • 16
    Replace summer window screens with storm windows
  • 17
    Relace door screens with storm doors
  • 18
    Check all wooden window frames and repair or replace if necessary
  • 19
    Inspect all windows for cracks or gaps. Repair or replace if necessary
  • 20
    Caulk inside and outside windows and doors
  • 21
    Use Shrink wrap or hang plastic over windows
  • Lawn, Garden, Deck & House Exterior

  • 22
    Clean and rake away leaves from house foundation
  • 23
    Clean and store patio furniture
  • 24
    Drain water from, garden hoses, pipes, sprinklers, valves etc
  • 25
    Insulate exposed water pipes
  • 26
    Check all outdoor lighting
  • 27
    Trim tree branches and remove dead and damaged trees and branches
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