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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Get ready for the annual spring clean with this comprehensive checklist of things to do. Check them off as you go.

Emily Wright
12th April 2016 in home & garden
Use this list
  • Throughout Your Home

  • 1
    Clean Rugs, Floors, Baseboards
  • 2
    Clean Windows, Glass Panes and Mesh
  • 3
    Clean Light Fixtures, Ceiling Fans
  • 4
    Wash Curtains, Clean Blinds & Sills
  • 5
    Dust & Polish Furniture
  • 6
    Dust Ceiling Corners
  • 7
    Clean Vents
  • 8
    Reevaluate and Reorganize Storage
  • 9
    Replace Old Light Bulbs
  • 10
    Touch Up Paint if Required
  • Bedrooms

  • 11
    Wash Bedding & Linens
  • 12
    Rotate & Flip Mattress
  • 13
    Clean Closets
  • 14
    Put Away Winter Bedding
  • Family & Living Room

  • 15
    Clean Sofas & Chairs
  • 16
    Clean Sofa Cushions
  • 17
    Vacuum Underneath Sofa Cushions
  • 18
    Clean Electronics & Knick Knacks
  • 19
    Re-organize DVDs, Magazines, Books
  • 20
    Clean Fire Place
  • Kitchen

  • 21
    Clean Fridge & Freezer (in & out)
  • 22
    Clean Stove & Oven (in & out)
  • 23
    Clean Microwave (in & out)
  • 24
    Clean Dishwasher (in & out)
  • 25
    Clean Pantry and Reorganize
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