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The Complete List of Selma Blair Movies

Selma Blair is an American actress and director. She began her career in the 1990s and has appeared in a variety of films, television shows, and stage productions. Some of her most notable roles include Cecile Caldwell in the 1999 film Cruel Intentions, Liz Sherman in the 2004 film Hellboy, and Kris in the 2008 film The Poker House.

This is a list of Selma Blair's movies including the streaming services available in US, Australia and Canada. Enjoy!

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Entertainment Channel
18th January 2023 in movies
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Release Date
Title Type
Runtime (mins)
IMDb Rating
Where To Watch in US
Where To Watch in Australia
Where To Watch in Canada
  • 54
    Introducing, Selma Blair
  • 55
    Far More
  • 52
    A Dark Foe
  • 53
    After We Collided
  • 51
  • 50
    Mom and Dad
  • 47
    Eva Hesse
  • 48
    Ordinary World
  • 49
    Mothers and Daughters
  • 46
    Sex, Death and Bowling
  • 44
    Columbus Circle
  • 45
    In Their Skin
  • 39
    The Family Tree
  • 40
    Animal Love
  • 41
    The Break-In
  • 42
    Dark Horse
  • 43
    Kingdom Come
  • 34
  • 36
    My Mom's New Boyfriend
  • 37
    The Poker House
  • 38
    Hellboy II: The Golden Army
  • 32
    Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron
  • 33
    Purple Violets
  • 35
    Feast of Love
  • 29
    The Alibi
  • 30
    The Night of the White Pants
  • 31
    Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms
  • 25
    Pretty Persuasion
  • 26
    The Deal
  • 27
    The Fog
  • 28
    The Big Empty
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