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Kassi Hizr
Top 5 factors to consider when choosing a hearing aid

Choosing an effective and comfortable hearing aid is not an easy task. The whole process should be under the supervision of the attending audiologist. Self-selection and purchase of medical devices will inevitably lead to disappointment and will not give the desired result. Do you want to get the most out of hearing aids Staten Island? Do you want to enjoy the sounds of the world around you and the voices of your loved ones again? Be sure to follow all recommendations from the hearing care professional. He will take into account all your wishes, and select the best model. What factors should be taken into account first of all?

Published a year ago
How to restore the hearing aid?

Hearing aids are complex electronic devices that require proper care and use. But despite users' efforts, they often break down. Hearing aid manufacturers guarantee a 3-5 year lifespan. But not all hearing aids work during this time. Various reasons lead to the breakdown of the devices. They all lead to the same result. You are left alone with your hearing loss. You will find hundreds of new models on the hearing aid store for purchase. Before you start to panic and frustrate, try to repair your devices. Take the following steps to do this.

Published a year ago
Treating hearing loss: new methods for treating hearing problems

The technical possibilities of hearing care are astounding. Today, medicine is actively using new scientific and technological advances to help patients. Pay special attention to hearing aids. Hundreds of models of various types and designs are available on hearing aids sale. The sound is getting better, and the range of features is getting wider. But no matter how advanced modern hearing aids are, they do not cure hearing loss. They only correct hearing for a person can hear and understand external sounds. They improve the quality of life, and they are extremely effective. Progress does not stand still. Let's consider new promising areas of hearing loss treatment!

Published a year ago
Five tips to save your hearing aids in the summer

Summer is a wonderful time. It's a time of rest, hiking, and travel. Someone is sunbathing on the beach or camping in the mountains. These are wonderful days, and everyone is looking forward to them. But summer is a difficult time for our hearing aids. It's a challenge for them. Summer is the season when the hazards to medical devices increase. High temperatures, sweat, and dust negatively affect the performance of devices. Do you want to enjoy the warm summer weather and do what you love? Do you want to keep your devices safe and sound? Then follow the recommendations below, and your hearing aids Staten Island will last long!

Published a year ago