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Encanto Characters

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Michelle G
Michelle G
10th October 2023 in movies
Encanto Characters
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  • Agustín Madrigal

  • Alma Madrigal

  • Antonio Madrigal

  • Bruno Madrigal

  • Bubo Marquez

  • Camilo Madrigal

  • Casa Madrigal

  • Cerberus

  • Chispi

  • Dolores Madrigal

  • Felix Madrigal

  • Isabela Madrigal

  • Julieta Madrigal

  • Luisa Madrigal

  • The Madrigals

  • Mariano Guzman

  • Mirabel Madrigal

  • Osvaldo

  • Parce

  • Pedro Madrigal

  • Pepa Madrigal

  • Pico

  • Señora Guzmàn

  • Town Kids

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