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The Best Beginner Keyboard For 2023

A keyboard, specifically in the context of a musical instrument, refers to a type of instrument that produces sound by striking strings or generating electronic tones when keys are pressed. The term "keyboard" is often used interchangeably with "piano" because the piano is one of the most well-known and widely played keyboard instruments.

In this list, we're going to explore the world of beginner keyboards and help you find the perfect one for your needs. We'll be diving into a review and comparison of keyboards from well-known brands like Yamaha, Roland, Casio, and Dexibell. So, let's jump right in and discover what you should consider when picking your very first keyboard.

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26th October 2023 in music
The Best Beginner Keyboard For 2023
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  • Yamaha
64 voices
AMW Stereo Sampling
video - P-45

This instrument offers simplicity that can be a true asset. With minimal distractions, it provides a pure and straightforward piano-playing experience, which can be appealing for many. It's also among the more affordable options, making it a fitting choice for entry-level players. However, its capabilities align with its entry-level status. There's a limited sound selection, with just around 10 available sounds apart from the main piano sound. The features are basic, including a metronome and reverb algorithms. Importantly, it comes with onboard speakers, eliminating the need for additional speaker connections. This simplicity could be advantageous for beginner piano players.



  • Yamaha
192 voices
Pure CF Sound Engine
video - P-125

ts sound engine is more detailed and nuanced, resulting in a more realistic piano sound. The build quality is superior, featuring better speakers and enhanced features. It's a significant step up from the P45 in terms of overall quality.

When it comes to sound, the P125 is an improvement. As for the feel, it's important to note that while it's not my absolute favorite, it's certainly better than the previous model. The keys feel improved, offering a better hammer action and dynamic control. The overall experience is enhanced, although this comes at a slightly higher cost. The price difference is just a few hundred dollars, so if it fits your budget, upgrading to the P125 is worthwhile. The experience is notably superior.

Truth be told, this model is an upgraded version compared to the one I used to have at home. I had a similar model for a couple of years, and it served me well. I practiced classical pieces on it, worked on my technique, and found it to be a great instrument. For those considering it, especially if you're familiar with previous models, the P125 could be an excellent choice.



  • Roland
96 voices
SuperNatural Piano Sound
video - FP-10

While it's essentially a basic piano like the P45, it offers a couple of noteworthy extras. The sound engine inside the FP10 employs a more nuanced and complex sampling technique compared to the Yamahas. Each key is individually sampled, resulting in a truly authentic acoustic piano experience. This advanced technique, often referred to as "supernatural" sound design, enhances the realism of the sound.

Beyond its sound quality, the FP10 comes with added digital features. It's equipped with Bluetooth and Bluetooth MIDI connectivity, allowing you to link it to your phone or computer for recording and playing with synthesizers and virtual instruments. This opens up a wealth of creative possibilities and expands the range of sounds you can utilize. Additionally, the piano itself includes a suite of sounds, further enhancing its versatility.



  • Roland
256 voices
SuperNatural Piano Sound
video - FP-30x

Moving on to the FP30X, it can be seen as an expansion of the FP10 concept, offering several added features and improvements. It boasts additional buttons, a broader range of sounds, increased polyphony, superior build quality, and enhanced speakers. This model can be thought of as the step up from the FP10, similar to the relationship between the Yamaha P125 and P45.

A significant distinction of the FP30X is that it comes with built-in pedals, including more than just the sustain pedal. This makes it a better fit for a home setting or performances where portability is less of a priority. It's designed to be more of a permanent fixture rather than a portable instrument for gigs or parties.

The sound quality of the FP30X is on par with the FP10, as they share the same sound set and key action. However, the FP30X offers more polyphony, allowing for a greater range of notes to be played simultaneously. Moreover, its speakers are notably improved, providing a wider range and better sound projection.

In terms of sound dynamics, the Roland Supernatural sound set shines. It's a multi-sampled keystroke, capturing the nuances and dynamics of every touch, from the lightest to the heaviest. This nuanced approach provides a more expressive and versatile playing experience.



  • Casio
192 voices
Air Sound Source
video - PX-S1100

The Casio PX-S1100 is a visually appealing digital piano with a polished finish. It is categorized as an entry-level digital piano, but it offers more features and capabilities compared to other entry-level keyboards. The instrument comes with the latest and fastest Bluetooth MIDI technology available, which sets it apart from the Roland and Yamaha models previously discussed.

The keys of the PX-S1100 are designed to emulate the feel of a traditional acoustic piano. They have a deeper texture compared to what's seen in the Roland or Yamaha models. The piano's sound is good overall, but it may not offer the same dynamic range and expressiveness as the Roland.

The Casio PX-S1100 features two headphone outputs, allowing multiple people to play together using headphones. This is a convenient feature for duets or collaborative playing sessions.

In terms of pricing, the PX-S1100 falls in a higher range compared to the entry-level Yamaha and Roland models. Its aesthetics also lean more towards being a feature piece or even a furniture item, which could enhance the ambiance of your space.



  • Casio
192 voices
Air Sound Source
video - PX-S3100

The Casio PX-S3100 is a step up from the PX-S1100 that we discussed earlier. While the PX-S1100 is the newer model, the PX-S3100 offers more features and capabilities. Like the PX-S1100, it features a polished finish and a modern design. However, the PX-S3100 has more sounds, more buttons, and a screen display that allows you to navigate through the various settings and options more easily.

The keyboard of the PX-S3100 is the same as the PX-S1100, designed to mimic the feel of a traditional acoustic piano. It has the same grand piano button, which allows you to instantly access the grand piano sound.

What sets the PX-S3100 apart is its extensive range of sounds and capabilities. It offers hundreds of sounds, including synth sounds, guitar sounds, and drum sounds. The instrument is built to cater to keyboardists who want to explore a wider range of musical possibilities. It provides deeper control over effects and built-in sounds, making it suitable for more advanced players who want to experiment with different tones and textures.



  • Dexibell Vivo
T2L Sampling & Modelling Tech
video - H10

The Dexibell H10 is a flagship luxury digital piano that offers an exceptional playing experience. It features wood action keys that are designed to feel authentic and natural, similar to the feel of real piano keys. The piano's sound engine is comparable to the Roland Supernatural, offering highly detailed and expressive piano sounds.

One of the notable features of the Dexibell H10 is its versatility. It comes with a range of capabilities that allow you to explore various sounds and effects. You can stack and split sounds to create complex and layered arrangements. The piano also includes a microphone input, giving you the option to incorporate vocals into your performances. The built-in Bluetooth features allow you to adjust microphone levels and volumes conveniently.

The piano's appearance is also noteworthy, with a beautiful design and a polished finish. The piano has a substantial weight, indicating its robust build quality and stability. It's designed to be a long-lasting instrument that can accompany you throughout your entire learning journey.

Go Piano

Go Piano

  • Roland
128 voices
PCM Samples
video - Go Piano

The Go Piano by Roland is a portable and versatile digital piano system that offers a unique set of features. It has 61 keys instead of the traditional 88 keys found on most pianos, but it compensates for this with its lightweight and compact design. The piano system is battery-powered and comes with built-in speakers, making it highly portable and suitable for on-the-go musicians and performers.

One of the standout features of the Go Piano is its wide range of sounds. It provides various piano sounds, electric piano sounds, and even drum sounds, offering a diverse palette for creating music. This makes it well-suited for different musical genres and styles.

The Go Piano's key action is designed for portability and convenience. While it might not provide the same level of authentic piano key feel as a full-sized piano, its springy action and compact design make it a practical option for situations where space and mobility are crucial, such as performances in outdoor settings or when traveling.

The Go:Piano is targeted toward those who prioritize portability, versatility, and the ability to play music in various locations. While it might not offer the same level of playing experience as larger and more advanced digital pianos, it still provides a solid sound quality and an enjoyable playing experience for those who need a lightweight and portable option.

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