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Pregnancy Workout Plan

Exercises to help me and my future baby get fit while being pregnant

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Riza Hope Molo
Riza Hope Molo
2nd February 2017 in health & fitness
Pregnancy Workout Plan
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Repetitions Done
Sets Done
How Well I Did In This Exercise
  • Trimester
    First Trimester

  • 1


  • 2

    Shoulder Presses

  • 3


  • 4

    Lateral Raises

  • 5

    Stationary lunges per side

  • 6

    Upright Rows

  • 7

    Lateral Lunges per side

  • 8


  • 9

    Stability Ball Leg Curls

  • 10

    Tricep Kickbacks

  • 11

    Plie Squats

  • 12

    Dumbbell Overhead Extensions

  • 13

    Reverse Lunges per side

  • 14

    Dumbbell Bicep Curls

  • 15

    Plank Straight Leg Kicks per side

  • 16

    Hammer Curls

  • 17

    Curtsy Lunges per side

  • Trimester
    Second Trimester

  • 18

    Wall Slides

  • 19

    Thoracic Rotation per side

  • 20

    Bent Over Y Raise

  • 21

    Underhand-grip Rear Lateral Raise

  • 22


  • 23

    Stationary Bike

  • 24

    Braced Squat

  • 25

    Modified Side Plank (Hold for as long as you can) per side

  • 26

    Inclined Pushup

  • 27

    Cat Camel

  • 28

    Clamshell per side

  • 29


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