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Rubys Bucket List

My personal To-Dos in this life or after

Ruby Tobien
Ruby Tobien
3rd October 2019 in travel
Rubys Bucket List
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  • Category

  • 8

    Ride in a hot air balloon

  • 9

    See a lunar eclipse

  • 14

    Try surfing

  • 15

    Fire a gun

  • 17

    Go swimming with dolphins

  • 21

    Ride in a helicopter

  • Category
    Extreme sports

  • Category

  • 13

    Blog regularly for a year

  • 19

    Make a SNS course

  • 20

    Learn a second language

  • Category

  • Category

  • 1

    Visit the Taj Mahal

  • 2

    Travel to Bali

  • 3

    Visit old city in Jaipur

  • 4

    Visit alhambra

  • 5

    Drive across the United States

  • 6

    Go on safari

  • 7

    Go to Disney Land

  • 10

    Spend New Years Eve in Times Square

  • 11

    Visit the Great Wall of China

  • 12

    Witness the Northern Lights

  • 16

    Fly over the Grand Canyon

  • 18

    Go to Burning Man

  • 22

    Run with the Bulls in Spain

  • 23

    See an iceberg

  • 24

    See the Pyramid of Giza

  • 25

    Swim in the Dead Sea

  • 26

    Visit every continent

  • 27

    Visit Las Vegas

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