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The Horus Heresy Series (Every book in order of publishing date!)

Welcome to the world of the Horus Heresy series! For those of you unfamiliar with this epic science fiction saga, it follows the events of a massive civil war in the 31st millennium that divides the armies of the Imperium of Man, led by the enigmatic Warmaster Horus. This series of novels, published by Black Library, has gripped readers for almost two decades and has become one of the most popular and influential science fiction books of all time. Here, we will give you a comprehensive look at the entire Horus Heresy series in order of the publishing date of each book. So, let's dive in and explore the epic story of the Horus Heresy!

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20th December 2022 in books & literature
The Horus Heresy Series (Every book in order of publishing date!)
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  • Horus RisingHorus Rising
  • False GodsFalse Gods
  • Galaxy in FlamesGalaxy in Flames
  • The Flight of the EisensteinThe Flight of the Eisenstein
  • FulgrimFulgrim
  • Descent of AngelsDescent of Angels
  • LegionLegion
  • Battle for the AbyssBattle for the Abyss
  • MechanicumMechanicum
  • Tales of HeresyTales of Heresy
  • Fallen AngelsFallen Angels
  • A Thousand SonsA Thousand Sons
  • NemesisNemesis
  • The First HereticThe First Heretic
  • Prospero BurnsProspero Burns
  • Age of DarknessAge of Darkness
  • The Outcast DeadThe Outcast Dead
  • AurelianAurelian
  • Promethean SunPromethean Sun
  • Deliverance LostDeliverance Lost
  • Know No FearKnow No Fear
  • The PrimarchsThe Primarchs
  • Fear to TreadFear to Tread
  • Brotherhood of the StormBrotherhood of the Storm
  • Shadows of TreacheryShadows of Treachery
  • Angel ExterminatusAngel Exterminatus
  • BetrayerBetrayer
  • AngronAngron
  • Mark of CalthMark of Calth
  • Scorched EarthScorched Earth
  • Vulkan LivesVulkan Lives
  • The Unremembered EmpireThe Unremembered Empire
  • Macragge's HonourMacragge's Honour
  • ScarsScars
  • Vengeful SpiritVengeful Spirit
  • Death and DefianceDeath and Defiance
  • RavenlordRavenlord
  • Sedition's GateSedition's Gate
  • The Seventh SerpentThe Seventh Serpent
  • The Damnation of PythosThe Damnation of Pythos
  • Legacies of BetrayalLegacies of Betrayal
  • DeathfireDeathfire
  • Blades of the TraitorBlades of the Traitor
  • CyberneticaCybernetica
  • MedusonMeduson
  • The HonouredThe Honoured
  • War Without EndWar Without End
  • PharosPharos
  • Sons of the ForgeSons of the Forge
  • Eye of TerraEye of Terra
  • The Path of HeavenThe Path of Heaven
  • The Silent WarThe Silent War
  • Angels of CalibanAngels of Caliban
  • Praetorian of DornPraetorian of Dorn
  • CoraxCorax
  • The Master of MankindThe Master of Mankind
  • GarroGarro
  • Shattered LegionsShattered Legions
  • The Crimson KingThe Crimson King
  • TallarnTallarn
  • RuinstormRuinstorm
  • Old EarthOld Earth
  • The Burden of LoyaltyThe Burden of Loyalty
  • WolfsbaneWolfsbane
  • Born of FlameBorn of Flame
  • Slaves to DarknessSlaves to Darkness
  • Heralds of the SiegeHeralds of the Siege
  • TitandeathTitandeath
  • The Buried DaggerThe Buried Dagger
  • The Solar WarThe Solar War
  • The Lost and the DamnedThe Lost and the Damned
  • The First WallThe First Wall
  • SaturnineSaturnine
  • MortisMortis
  • WarhawkWarhawk
  • Echoes of EternityEchoes of Eternity
  • The End and the Death: Volume IThe End and the Death: Volume I
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