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Raid Signup Sheet

12/12: We are going to kill Cairn! Please use this raid sheet to denote which class you're most comfortable on, what time you're available to join, and if you're available that day or not.

To show if you're available, click on the chart and click once for a checkmark, twice for a X mark, and three times for a question mark. Click four times to clear your status.

We will be meeting in Raid Academy, in whatever room is free at the time. If you are there early, watch for HuntingQuilles.9567 (Druid Jail) because that's me! Please note that we will have random people fill in if our guildies cannot, so make sure to be respectful!

Please make sure to set up your account on Raid Academy before hand!

Please meet up 10 minutes before run time at the Lion's Arch Aerodrome, and type in or copy /sqjoin HuntingQuilles.9567 to join the squad.

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4th December 2020 in video gaming
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Notably, the game's diverse roster of characters is a thing of beauty, with each character boasting their own unique fighting style and an arsenal of special moves that truly set them apart. When it comes to playing the game, most players opt for the classic joystick and six-button layout. Specifically, players have at their disposal three buttons that are reserved exclusively for punches and three additional buttons that are exclusively for kicks. This button layout allows players to execute a variety of moves, ranging from simple kicks and punches to highly complex special moves that require specific input commands and can deal significant damage when successfully executed.

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