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Trivia Kings
Our goal is to help you and your team win at every trivia night! We are compiling information from different sources so that you can easily access and prepare for your trivia night!

This list is a comprehensive list of all presidents of the United States of America. It includes their dates in office, political party, and notable accomplishments while in office, as well as their first ladies. This video is perfect for anyone interested in American history, or who wants to learn more about the presidents who have led the United States.


What do Spain, Sweden, and Singapore have in common? These are all countries with an "S."

This list showcases the countries that start with S, including their capital city, flag, area, and more. It is an informative and interesting resource that will help you learn about these countries. You can use it to gain a better understanding of the countries, use it as a bucket list, and brush up on your geography knowledge! We've included the capital city, the flag, a few curious things about the capital, area of territory, continent, and much more. It was specially created for those who are looking to learn more about countries starting with the letter S, but also for those who are engaged in any trivia, trying to end a debate, or simply curious! Even the calling code is included!

Trivia can help you in your personal life, as well as in your career. It can help you remember important facts, and it can also make you smarter and more knowledgeable. Trivia can also help you have a good time and make new friends. So why not give trivia a try? It can even help you improve your cognitive skills, so we highly recommend you join your local trivia group

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I bet you didn't know that over 30 countries out there have at least one yellow star on their flag.

It is not unusual to be having fun at trivia when the infamous oddly specific question comes up: name 5 countries that have a yellow star on the flag, and people go blank! Naturally, we don't always know which color stars are on each country's flags, so this list was created to help you see all those flags at once, and crush it at your trivia party! The list was also meant for everyone looking to learn more about countries and their flags. 

We legitimately could not find a complete list of flags that contained yellow stars - particularly the ones that have stylized stars in the design, so we painstakingly went through every single flag to make sure this list was complete and updated for you!

Now, there is one important disclaimer we need to make: this list DOES include flags with suns and stylized suns in them since the sun is technically a star. You will notice that one of the popularly searched red flags with a yellow star is - in fact - a sun: the flag of Kyrgyzstan, which includes a yellow stylized sun on a red background.

Other interesting examples are the flag of Costa Rica, which includes small white stars…and then the yellow sun is hidden in there.


Do you know the capital of Djibouti? How about the flag? This is a comprehensive list of countries starting with D, their capitals, and continents. Plus, get a sneak peak at the flags and learn a little bit about each country, with a few curious facts about the capital cities, currency and even calling code. 

Specifically created for people looking to learn new countries starting with the letter D, and for people who love trivia, arguing over an answer, or simply those who want to know more about the world.

And speaking of trivia, did you know that Trivia has cognitive and social benefits that you may not have realized. 

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Welcome to our list about all the countries that start with the letter P. In this video, we'll explore the capitals, flags, currency and more for each of these countries. We hope you enjoy learning about these fascinating places. 

You will find that we've included a few comments regarding the capital cities of each of these countries, the area in km and miles, and even the calling code of each of them. This is aimed at helping you succeed at Trivia and solve debates!

Trivia is not only fun, but it can also benefit you in your personal life. It can be used to help you remember important information, and trivia can even make you smarter and more knowledgeable. Trivia is also a great way to have fun and make new friends. So, why not try trivia? Even participating in a regular trivia night can help you improve your cognitive functions, so you should look into attending trivia sessions that you regularly attend.


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Think you know your geography? Test your knowledge with our list of countries that start with the letter T!

This list was created for students who are looking to complete a geography paper, anyone who is curious about countries and flags, but it was mainly created for those who love trivia and want to expand their knowledge and crush it the next time they are playing trivia. We've included capital cities, flags, continent, area (in miles and km), as well as currency.

We know your time is valuable, so we've done our best to compile the best and most accurate information out there so that you can confidently read through and trust that the information is up to date. If you notice that it isn't, feel free to leave your suggestion!

We love all things trivia, so if there is a list you'd like us to create, contact us in our profile page!


Do you love testing your knowledge with trivia? Do you consider yourself a geography geek? If so, this list is for you!

It's a list of all 11 countries that start with the letter "A", including their flags, capital cities, currencies, area, and even the calling codes! Created especially for trivia lovers and geography geeks, including all the important facts and figures. So test your knowledge and get ready for your next trivia night with friends. And don't forget to share with your friends to see who knows the most about the world. 

We have grouped this list by continent as a Kanban board, to make it easier for you, but you can change it to a table, article or whatever you would like. 

We love trivia and geography, and that is why we wanted to compile this list for everyone. Feel free to show us some love, and help us grow here in the platform!


If you want to learn about the countries that start with the letter B, then this list is for you!

We listed off all of the countries in the world that begin with this letter, including their flags, capital cities area, currency and even the calling code for each of them. We want to create the most complete lists on the internet, to help geography and trivia lovers out there achieve their goals.

From Bahrain to Belize, you'll be surprised at how many places there are to explore! So what are you waiting for? Check out the list and show us some love!

TriviaKings was created to help you master your trivia, with updated information for anyone who is curious about our world! We have geography lists, but will soon have other lists as well!

Thank you for stopping by!


Do you love geography and trivia? Then this list is for you! It's a list of countries starting with the letter U, perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the world. So check it out! We've compiled all 6 countries, divided by continent, including their flags, capital cities, a few comments, and curious facts about the capital, the population, area, currency and even the calling code for each of them.

We love geography - and we choose to learn about it through trivia, which is a great social way to learn and interact with information. 

It's worth noting that we've created this list in the kanban board format, but you can view it as a table if you choose to do so. We just thought it may be easier to consume it if we divided it by continent into different columns. 

Comment or leave your suggestion if you'd like us to include curiosity or a piece of information about each country!


The list contains all the countries that start with L, including flag, capital cities, calling code, and more. This is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn about the countries of the world. The list is grouped by continent, and it is displayed as a kanban board, although you can change that if you prefer, by simply clicking on the view buttons below.

Learning about the world, regardless of the reason why, can help expand our horizons and make us into more well-rounded people. That is why we love trivia so much: because it challenges our brains, it is a social activity and it can help us become better at life in general. 

We create lists to help people who love trivia study and prepare for a trivia night, but also anyone who is looking to learn more about geography and general knowledge. Too often, we see these lists being incomplete or outdated, and we thought we'd put in the time and research to serve our audience with the best quality lists we could come up with. 

Should we do a Capitals list next?


If you like testing your knowledge of geography through trivia, or are looking for a complete list of every single country started with K, this list is for you! It is a short list, that's for sure, but we hope it will help you visualize all the information you need for your geography test, for your trivia night or whatever another purpose you need it for.

We love trivia and geography, and that is why we share these useful lists for anyone who wants to learn more about countries or brush up on their geography to get ready for a trivia night.

This list includes flags, capitals, country codes, population, and even area. We've also included currency, for those who are planning to travel to these countries.

We love trivia and testing our knowledge, and that is why we wanted to compile this list for you. Feel free to send suggestions on the next lists you'd like us to create!


Do you know all of the countries that start with E? There are quite a few! This list will take you on a tour of all of them, from East Timor to Estonia. We've compiled the flags, capital cities, information on the population, and even the currency.

There's much to learn about different cultures, customs, and traditions. And, it's not just about understanding other people. Learning about the world can also help you know yourself better.

So why should you learn about the world?

We love trivia and offer you the best knowledge to prepare for games, settle debates, learn more about geography and push yourself.