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All 5 Countries that Start With K

If you like testing your knowledge of geography through trivia, or are looking for a complete list of every single country started with K, this list is for you! It is a short list, that's for sure, but we hope it will help you visualize all the information you need for your geography test, for your trivia night or whatever another purpose you need it for.

We love trivia and geography, and that is why we share these useful lists for anyone who wants to learn more about countries or brush up on their geography to get ready for a trivia night.

This list includes flags, capitals, country codes, population, and even area. We've also included currency, for those who are planning to travel to these countries.

We love trivia and testing our knowledge, and that is why we wanted to compile this list for you. Feel free to send suggestions on the next lists you'd like us to create!

All 5 Countries that Start With K
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Capital city
Comments on the Capital
Area (km²)
Area (sq mi)
Calling code
  • Kazakhstan

  • Kenya

  • Kiribati

  • Kuwait

  • Kyrgyzstan

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