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How to Create a Campfire

"How To Build a Roaring Campfire" - Brett & Kate Mckay

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How to Create a Campfire
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    Fuel Wood

  • 30


  • Category

  • Category

  • 5

    Clear fire area

  • 6

    Lay Fire

  • Category

  • 25

    Sprinkle Water

  • 26

    Stir Ambers During Sprinkling

  • 27

    Test Heat

  • 28

    Dispose Ashes

  • 29

    Patch Ground

  • Category
    Teepee Fire Lay

  • 7

    Place tinder bundle in the middle of campfire site

  • 8

    Form teepee with kindling above tinder bundle

  • 9

    Leave opening in teepee on the side the wind is blowing against

  • 10

    Continue adding kindling to the teepee

  • 11

    Create a larger teepee structure with fuel wood

  • 12

    Place a match under your tinder

  • 13

    When teepee structure falls simply add fuel logs

  • Category
    Lean-to Fire Lay

  • 14

    Stick a long piece of kindling into the ground at a 30-degree angle

  • 15

    Place a tinder bundle underneath support stick

  • 16

    Place some small pieces of kindling around tinder nests

  • 17

    Lay small pieces of kindling against piece in ground

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