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Travelling Overseas Checklist

Stress less with this checklist

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Annie Lin
Annie Lin
12th April 2016 in travel
Travelling Overseas Checklist
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  • When
    A few months before

  • 1

    Buy plane ticket early for higher chances of acquring cheaper tickets

  • 2

    Review and check your itinerary

  • 3

    Esure IDs are valid

  • 4

    Purchase travel insurance

  • 5

    Register your travel with your embassy

  • 6

    Book hotels

  • 7

    Organise Accomodation

  • 8

    Reserve hire car

  • 9

    Visit doctor to see if you are fit to travel and acquire recommended travel vaccinations

  • 10

    Make sure you passport is valid until six months from date of departure

  • When
    A few days before

  • 11

    Compile copies of pertinent travel documents such as passports, travel visa, travel documents, itinerary, emergency phone numbers

  • 12

    For backup purposes, have one copy of your passport left at home or to someone you trust

  • 13

    Have local cash ready and a sufficient amount all throughout the travel just in case your cards do not work

  • 14

    Check foreign exchange rate

  • 15

    Call your bank and credit card provider and inform your travel plans so funds will not get cancelled, and verify if your card will work in the country you will visit

  • 16

    Learn about the entrance and exit fees of the country

  • 17

    Research about the country you are visiting regarding customs and immigration

  • 18

    Research the country you are visiting regarding the local culture, weather, transport, and do's and dont's

  • 19

    Learn conversational foreign language if possible

  • 20

    Make and review a packing list

  • 21

    Be aware and note of the airline's carry-on luggage and checked-in baggage allowance and restrictions (such as prohibited goods and items)

  • 22

    Organize your carry on luggage bag

  • 23

    Obtain a map and a guidebook of the place you will visit

  • 24

    Activate your phone's international roaming features

  • 25

    Stop any regularly occuring deliveries and services such as newspapers and mail

  • When
    The day of travel

  • 26

    Double check all travel documents to ensure everything is complete

  • 27

    Be relaxed on the flight by wearing something comfortable

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