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[Checklist] Royale High Wheel Items From Wave 1 - With Images and icons!

Make your copy of the list of every wheel item on Wave 1 from Royale High. Use the filter to view different items and filter them out

Gaming Collective
7th November 2022 in video gaming
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  • 1
    Magical Flower
  • 2
    Assorted Flower Crown
  • 3
    Beverly Hills Head Sunglasses
  • 4
    Cool Shadez
  • 5
    Fashionista Sunglasses
  • 6
    Color Changing Headphones
  • 7
    Flip Hat
  • 8
    Breathe Me Mask
  • 9
    Sweetheart Earrings
  • 10
    Stud Earrings
  • 11
    Princess Poofy Sleeves
  • 12
    Crowned Royalty
  • 13
    Double Bows
  • 14
    Punk Mermaid Earrings
  • 15
    Mystical Ears
  • 16
    Seashells Top
  • 17
    Dreamy Earrings
  • 18
    Ruffly Sleeves
  • 19
    Not From Earth Antennae
  • 20
    Powerful Love Brooch
  • 21
    Rainbow Trail
  • 22
    Rainbow Unicorn Horn
  • 23
  • 24
    Neon Saber
  • 25
    Star Scepter
  • 26
    Mermaid Scepter
  • 27
    Prescription Glasses
  • 28
    Sunday Best Hat
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