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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III - All Side Quests List

Side Quest can be found in the main story to earn AP, which can affect your rank. Side Quests are usually marked with a green exclamation mark, they're also easy to miss, so it's highly recommended to complete them as soon as possible.

Ric Laurence
Ric Laurence
24th March 2020 in video gaming
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III - All Side Quests List
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Quest Type
  • Chapter
    Chapter 1

  • 1

    Package Delivery

  • 2

    The Spice Must Flow

  • 3

    Getting the Band Together

  • 4

    Herb Helper

  • 5

    Red Perch Search

  • 6

    The Wondeful, Wonderful Cat

  • 7

    Prepare to Dye

  • 8

    Wild Recipe

  • 9

    Isthmia Great Forest Monster

  • 10

    N. Sutherland Highway Monster

  • 11

    Lost Wallet

  • Chapter
    Chapter 2

  • 12

    Book BL-under

  • 13

    Present Whereabouts

  • 14

    Pocket Watch Repair

  • 15

    Sidney's Sadness

  • 16

    Reaching New Heights

  • 17

    Revenge of the Swimming Lessons

  • 18

    Mishy Merch

  • 19

    Epstein Tech Support

  • 20

    Audits & Ends

  • 21

    The Great Crossbell Bake Off

  • 22

    Do Me This Favor

  • 23

    E. Crossbell Highway Monster

  • 24

    Geofront F Sector Monster

  • 25

    Where is my Meowster?

  • Chapter
    Chapter 3

  • 26

    Tip of the Spear

  • 27

    A Very Special Lesson