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Stardew Valley Community Center List

Double T Farm

4th May 2021 in video gaming
Use this list
Turned in
  • Boiler Room - Adventurer's (2)

  • 8
    Bat Wing
  • 99
  • 102
    Solar Essence
  • 115
    Void Essence
  • Boiler Room - Blacksmith's (3)

  • 26
    Copper Bar
  • 51
    Gold Bar
  • 59
    Iron Bar
  • Boiler Room - Geologist's (4)

  • 37
    Earth Crystal
  • 43
    Fire Quartz
  • 46
    Frozen Tear
  • 88
  • Bulletin Board - Chef's (6)

  • 42
    Fiddlehead Fern
  • 44
    Fried Egg
  • 64
    Maki Roll
  • 65
    Maple Syrup
  • 81
  • 112
  • Bulletin Board - Dye (6)

  • 7
  • 36
    Duck Feather
  • 90
    Red Cabbage
  • 91
    Red Mushroom
  • 96
    Sea Urchin
  • 107
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