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Witcher 3 GOTY Quest Check List

All quests listed with detail information (locations are not exist; i recomend : for locations)

Some of the (few of them) previous quest not required but necessary to increase the enjoyment of the game (topic flow, specific conversations etc.).

Unless there is "finished" at the end in particular, "starting" the quest specified in Cutoff Points blocks the quest.

I kept the number of columns too much to be able to change easily according to the usage pattern, I think it would be easy to shape it according to the need.

The basic version of the list is taken from Thomas Davis' list, I sincerely thank him, I could imagine while editing the list one by one, how hard he might work for create this list.

I prepared this list before I started playing the game again, I will fix the mistakes I came across while playing.


Marked Quests Has Important Decision for Storyline
When Quest Start (or sometimes finished) this quest(s) will be block or fail
  • Skellige

  • 86
    Contract: Dragon
  • 89
    Contract: Here Comes the Groom
  • 93
    Contract: Missing Miners
  • 94
    Contract: Missing Son
  • 95
    Contract: Muire D´yaeblen
  • 100
    Contract: Skellige´s Most Wanted
  • 101
    Contract: Strange Beast
  • 110
    Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg
  • 227
    In the Heart of the Woods
  • 139
    Event: Call of the Wild (Werewolf Fight)
  • 149
    Event: Farting Trolls
  • 160
    Event: Never Trust Children II - Skellige
  • 165
    Event: Siren’s Call (shepherd vs Sirens)
  • 169
    Event: The Four Faces of Hemdall (Three Pirates and a Pilgrim)
  • 136
    Event: Woe is Me (Palisade Ambush)
  • 174
    Event: Yustianna Disturbed
  • 69
    Child of the Elder Blood
  • 128
    Echoes of the Past
  • 250
    Missing Persons
  • 253
  • 326
    Skjall´s Grave
  • 335
    Tedd Deireadth, the Final Age
  • 343
    The Calm Before the Storm
  • 362
    The King is Dead - Long Live the King
  • 380
    The Sunstone
  • 404
    Veni Vidi Vigo
  • 267
    On Thin Ice
  • 354
    The Heroes´ Pursuits: Fayrlund
  • 355
    The Heroes´ Pursuits: For the Goddess´ Glory!
  • 356
    The Heroes´ Pursuits: Fyresdal
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