Find or create the perfect list for any job. From a simple todo list to a complete record of your prized collection, we give you the tools you need to create the perfect list for any job. Create private lists, share lists with friends, or publish your lists and share them with the world. All in one place.

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Wunderlist versus Listium - An Interactive List

Wunderlist is closing down. Listium is a bit different to Wunderlist - think of it as a cross between Wunderlist, Excel and Pinterest. Try it yourself right here, and use this list to mark off the features that are most important to you. You can decide for yourself whether Listium might be just what you've been looking for.

Marc Harrison
Marc Harrison
22nd May 2018 in productivity
Wunderlist versus Listium - An Interactive List
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Must have
(Regarding Listium)
  • Category

  • 1

    Add custom fields

  • 3

    Add multiple fields of the same type

  • 4

    Add a note

  • 5

    Add a reminder

  • 6

    Add a location

  • 7

    Add an image

  • 8

    Add a file

  • 9

    Add sub-tasks (checklists)

  • 39

    Add a link

  • 40

    Add automatic search links

  • 41

    Recurring tasks

  • Category

  • 10

    View as a list

  • 11

    View as a board

  • 12

    Hide fields

  • 13

    Reorder fields

  • 21

    Drag and Drop to reorder

  • 22

    Sort a list

  • 23

    Filter a list

  • 24

    Group a list by any field

  • 25

    Conditional formatting

  • 26

    Can add a cover image to a list

  • Category

  • 16

    Can share a list

  • 17

    Can publish a list

  • 42

    Activity feed

  • 43


  • Category

  • 14

    View on the web

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