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Five tips for removing earwax plugs

ts inside. Normally, earwax is expelled from the ear naturally by chewing. But if a person takes care of their ears improperly, or has a special structure of the ear canal, wax can accumulate in it. Under certain conditions, it can develop into a serious problem called an earwax plug. When wax accumulates in the ear canal and water gets in, it swells up, blocking the ear canal. It is called an ear wax plug.

The first symptoms are not a cause for concern for patients. It is a feeling of blockage in the ear. Some patients mistakenly think that it'll go away. But over time, the symptoms worsen. Headache, dizziness, and nausea are signs of an ear wax plug. If you don't want it to get worse, you need to remove it as soon as possible. How to do it properly?

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Denis Caplun
Denis Caplun
13th March 2023 in health & fitness
Five tips for removing earwax plugs
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  • 1 - Use the air1 - Use the air
  • 2 - Try flushing it with water2 - Try flushing it with water
  • 3 - Put the drops in3 - Put the drops in
  • 4 - Make an appointment with the doctor4 - Make an appointment with the doctor
  • 5 - Use candles to remove ear wax plugs5 - Use candles to remove ear wax plugs
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