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Characters in Miraculous Ladybug

"Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir" enthralls audiences with its mesmerizing tale of two youthful heroes, Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, who possess extraordinary abilities to safeguard the people of Paris from the grasp of malevolence. As the dynamic superhero duo Ladybug and Cat Noir, armed with the mystical power of their Kwamis and the Miraculous jewelry, they fearlessly face challenges and triumph over evil.

The show's rich and varied cast of characters, both virtuous and villainous, each with their own intricate backgrounds and motivations, imbues the world of Miraculous with depth and complexity.

These captivating tales intertwine to form a heart-racing and unpredictable story that leaves viewers in suspense. This guide, presented in the form of an article, can also be viewed as a table or kanban board, accessible through the menu located below this description (on desktop) or in the top right corner (on mobile).

Entertainment Channel
Entertainment Channel
11th April 2023 in TV
Characters in Miraculous Ladybug
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  • Adrien Agreste
  • Adrien's Bodyguard
  • Akuma
  • Alec Cataldi
  • Prince Ali
  • Alim Kubdel
  • Alix Kubdel
  • Alya Césaire
  • Amelie Graham de Vanily
  • Anarka Couffaine
  • André
  • André Bourgeois
  • Armand D'Argencourt
  • Audrey Bourgeois
  • August
  • Aurore Beauréal
  • Barkk
  • Bob Roth
  • Butler Jean
  • Caline Bustier
  • Chloé Bourgeois
  • Clara Contard
  • Clara Nightingale
  • Daizzi
  • Denis Damocles
  • Duusu
  • Edgar
  • Ella and Etta Césaire
  • Emilie Agreste
  • Fang
  • Fluff
  • Fred Haprèle
  • Wang Fu
  • Félix Fathom
  • Gabriel Agreste
  • Gina Dupain
  • Ivan Bruel
  • Jagged Stone
  • Jalil Kubdel
  • Jean-Pierre Monlataing
  • Juleka Couffaine
  • Kaalki
  • Kagami Tsurugi
  • Lê Chiến Kim
  • Lila Rossi
  • Longg
  • Luka Couffaine
  • Manon Chamack
  • Marc Anciel
  • Marinette Dupain-Cheng
  • Markov
  • Marlena Césaire
  • Max Kanté
  • Mireille Caquet
  • Mr. Banana
  • Ms. Mendeleiev
  • Mullo
  • Mylène Haprèle
  • Nadja Chamack
  • Nathalie Sancoeur
  • Nathaniel Kurtzberg
  • Nino Lahiffe
  • Nooroo
  • Nora Césaire
  • Orikko
  • Otis Césaire
  • Penny Rolling
  • Philippe
  • Plagg
  • Pollen
  • Roaar
  • Roger Raincomprix
  • Rolland Dupain
  • Sabine Cheng
  • Sabrina Raincomprix
  • Sass
  • Stompp
  • Théo Barbot
  • Tikki
  • Tom Dupain
  • Tomoe Tsurugi
  • Trixx
  • Vincent
  • Wayhem
  • Wayzz
  • Xavier Ramier
  • Xuppu
  • XY
  • Ziggy
  • Zoé Lee
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