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GTA V: All Properties List

Planning to complete all the properties available in GTA V? Well here's a list of available properties and how to acquire them. Enjoy!

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Ric Laurence
Ric Laurence
4th March 2020 in video gaming
GTA V: All Properties List
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Weekly income
Profit minimal condition
  • Type

  • 1

    LSPD Auto Impound

  • 2

    Downtown Cab Co.

  • 3

    McKenzie Field Hangar

  • 4

    Sonar Collections Dock

  • 5

    Los Santos Customs

  • 6

    Doppler Cinema

  • 7

    Ten Cent Theater

  • 8

    Tivoli Cinema

  • 9

    Los Santos Golf Club

  • 10

    Car Scrapyard

  • 11

    Smoke on the Water

  • 12


  • 13


  • 14

    The Hen House

  • 15


  • 16

    Vanilla Unicorn

  • Type
    Vehicle Storage

  • 17

    Puerto Del Sol Marina

  • 18

    Vespucci Helipad

  • 19

    Los Santos International Hangar

  • 20

    Sandy Shores Airfield

  • 21

    Grove Street Garage

  • 22

    Pillbox Hill Garage

  • 23

    Vinewood Garage

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