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Stardew Valley Museum Checklist

Museum checklist of artifacts and minerals, and how to obtain them. Inspired by Marc Harrison's bundle checklist (though it's missing the secret final bundle! :) )

20th March 2022 in video gaming
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Artifact Spot Location(s)
Enemy Drop(s)
Fishing Chest
Artifact Trove
Other Locations
  • Artifact

  • 1
    Amphibian Fossil
  • 2
  • 3
    Ancient Doll
  • 4
    Ancient Drum
  • 5
    Ancient Seed
  • 6
    Ancient Sword
  • 7
  • 8
    Bone Flute
  • 9
    Chewing Stick
  • 10
    Chicken Statue
  • 11
    Chipped Amphora
  • 12
    Dinosaur Egg
  • 13
    Dried Starfish
  • 14
    Dwarf Gadget
  • 15
    Dwarf Scroll I
  • 16
    Dwarf Scroll II
  • 17
    Dwarf Scroll III
  • 18
    Dwarf Scroll IV
  • 19
    Dwarvish Helm
  • 20
    Elvish Jewelry
  • 21
    Glass Shards
  • 22
    Golden Mask
  • 23
    Golden Relic
  • 24
    Nautilus Fossil
  • 25
    Ornamental Fan
  • 26
    Palm Fossil
  • 27
    Prehistoric Handaxe
  • 28
    Prehistoric Rib
  • 29
    Prehistoric Scapula
  • 30
    Prehistoric Skull
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