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100 + Meaningful Tattoos, Their Origin, and Meaning!

Tattoos have stood the test of time as a mode of self-expression, with an extensive gamut of meanings that are as diverse as the individuals who adorn them. Ranging from simplistic outlines to intricate, elaborate creations, tattoos can convey an eclectic range of messages, while serving as a canvas for personal storytelling of the bearer.

The following comprehensive roster of 100 tattoos and their meanings presents a peek into the richly diverse and intricate world of tattoo art. Whether you contemplate getting a tattoo or are simply curious to discover more about the historic underpinnings and symbolism that inform these distinctive designs, this list constitutes an invaluable resource. So, without any further delay, let's take a deep dive into the riveting and multifaceted realm of tattoos and their meanings.

If you are looking for a specific meaning or keyword, use the filters to find the tattoo that will represent the meaning you want!

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Trivia Kings
Trivia Kings
21st February 2023 in style & fashion
100 + Meaningful Tattoos, Their Origin, and Meaning!
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  • AngelAngel
  • ButterflyButterfly
  • CatCat
  • CompassCompass
  • Cherry BlossomCherry Blossom
  • CrownCrown
  • DragonDragon
  • RoseRose
  • MandalaMandala
  • LionLion
  • BirdBird
  • ArrowArrow
  • Compass roseCompass rose
  • DreamcatcherDreamcatcher
  • AnchorAnchor
  • EagleEagle
  • FlowerFlower
  • ElephantElephant
  • FoxFox
  • WaveWave
  • WolfWolf
  • SnakeSnake
  • Geometric shapesGeometric shapes
  • HeartHeart
  • InfinityInfinity
  • FeatherFeather
  • FireFire
  • FishFish
  • GlobeGlobe
  • HourglassHourglass
  • KeyKey
  • HeartbeatHeartbeat
  • Koi FishKoi Fish
  • King and QueenKing and Queen
  • LotusLotus
  • MermaidMermaid
  • MoonMoon
  • MountainMountain
  • Music notesMusic notes
  • OwlOwl
  • Palm treePalm tree
  • PhoenixPhoenix
  • PineapplePineapple
  • PoppyPoppy
  • PyramidPyramid
  • RainbowRainbow
  • SemicolonSemicolon
  • SerpentSerpent
  • ShipShip
  • SkullSkull
  • SnowflakeSnowflake
  • SparrowSparrow
  • SpiderSpider
  • StarStar
  • SunSun
  • SwordSword
  • TigerTiger
  • TreeTree
  • TurtleTurtle
  • UnicornUnicorn
  • WhaleWhale
  • YinYangYinYang
  • Zodiac signsZodiac signs
  • Alchemy symbolsAlchemy symbols
  • Angel wingsAngel wings
  • AntlersAntlers
  • BatBat
  • BeeBee
  • Black roseBlack rose
  • Blood dropBlood drop
  • Blue jayBlue jay
  • BuddhaBuddha
  • BullBull
  • CactusCactus
  • Celtic knotCeltic knot
  • CherryCherry
  • Chess pieceChess piece
  • Christian crossChristian cross
  • ClockClock
  • CloudCloud
  • CoffinCoffin
  • CrystalsCrystals
  • DaggerDagger
  • DandelionDandelion
  • Death mothDeath moth
  • DiamondDiamond
  • DragonflyDragonfly
  • Eagle featherEagle feather
  • EyeEye
  • Feather quillFeather quill
  • FireflyFirefly
  • FourFour
  • GiraffeGiraffe
  • Gypsy/RomaniGypsy/Romani
  • Hamsa handHamsa hand
  • HandprintHandprint
  • HexagonHexagon
  • HorseHorse
  • Bird CageBird Cage
  • Astrological symbolsAstrological symbols
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