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What could be more independent than webcomics?  In recent years, the number of LGBTQ+ characters in mainstream comics has increased greatly. Often the product of a single cartoonist, webcomics offer a unique opportunity to showcase the queer community in all its glory. With hundreds of possible comics out there, this list barely scratches the surface.  Check out these creative, inclusive webcomics with trans and non-binary characters.


Credit to the artists who think outside the box within the box :0)


Here's what some of the hottest celebs are rollin' around in


A collection of Space Karen memes - DM me to add yours to the list


The Joe Rogan Experience podcasts that will stand the test of time


Everything going on during Melbourne Knowledge Week


If you’re looking for a heat gun that makes it easy to apply heat to a variety of surfaces, you’ll want to ensure that you get a model with adjustable temperature settings and different heat levels. A heat gun is an excellent tool for both DIY projects as well as professional work.

There are lots of different heat guns available for use for crafts. In this list, I’ll discuss the best heat gun options you can find on the market today. I hope that after reading this list you will be able to choose the right heat gun for your needs.


A super opinionated list of the best comedy podcasts that I've found so far


The advent of electric brad nailers has caused a seismic shift in the realm of DIY and construction projects. Their cutting-edge technology, outstanding performance, and ergonomic design make them the go-to tool for anyone who values efficiency and precision. These power tools boast a lightweight, user-friendly design that ensures unparalleled comfort, versatility, and ease of use, even in the toughest job sites.

Gone are the days of manual nailing, with its tedious and time-consuming process. Electric brad nailers take the guesswork out of nailing, delivering a consistent and precise outcome with every use. To simplify your search for the perfect brad nailer, we've carefully curated a list of the top 20 models that strike the ideal balance between quality, durability, and affordability. Whether you're a seasoned carpenter or just starting your journey, you're guaranteed to find a brad nailer on this list that will surpass your expectations.


Comic book series or runs that simply have to be read! (Though in no particular order!)


Do you find raves fun? Many people certainly do, and it’s easy to understand why. Raves not only give you a chance to relax and unwind as you enjoy good music, but they also provide you with an avenue where you can meet and greet new people from all walks of life. Raves are also great if you just want to step out of your busy schedule and enjoy a little.


Trans gamer streams to follow


Colectia de cani 1995 - Prezent


Double-sided tape is an extremely versatile adhesive. It can be used for a variety of different things in the office and industries outside of it. Whether you need to seal an envelope, hang up posters or even just attach the backing to a photo frame, double-sided tape is one of the most useful products in your home.

Double-sided tape is the best for numerous reasons. It’s the best for do-it-yourself projects whether you want to hang a picture or fix a loose tile. It comes in many colors and can be fun to add accents to your home. This is a list of the best double-sided tapes that are easy to use and won’t leave residue behind.


This is a test list


Make your Nepali parties more alive with these EMDs


HoursTv is an online news website that specializes in providing the latest world news, celebrity, Fashion Trends, Viral Videos, Entertainment, and Business News.


Event & Wedding Planner


Epoxy is a durable resin that bonds well to both wood and metal. It’s also extremely versatile, so you can use it for all kinds of projects — from creating outdoor signs to building boat hulls. Plus, epoxy is waterproof and extremely resistant to erosion. You can readily find it in two-part kits at your local home improvement store. But, with so many types of epoxy on the market, how do you know which one is right for you?

There are many different types of epoxy resin available to the do-it-yourself handyman and the avid woodworker. It can be difficult to find a resin that can be applied with a simple brush or roller technique and does not require airless spraying equipment. There’s even a question of whether or not you can use an epoxy resin that requires mixing, over one that is premixed and ready to use, like for example epoxy paint.


Drywall is a building material used to make walls, ceilings, and partitions. Drywall is made from a mixture of gypsum plaster and paper backing or as an alternative metal. It is also called Sheetrock or plasterboard. Drywall is installed with screws, nails, or glue. The purpose of drywall is to provide a smooth surface for finishing with paint or wallpaper.

Drywall repair is a common task for homeowners and professionals alike. When a hole or crevice appears in your drywall, you must fill it with the best drywall repair kit so that it’s noticeable as little as possible. This is a list of the best drywall repair kit for any homeowner.


Stefan Lange


stardew valley bundle checklist


Lista dos nossos centros comunitários


Vegan Gamers on Instagram


Business Logo Design Custom is a logo design company that provides logo design and branding solutions for startups, small businesses, and large enterprises. Logo designing is an art and it needs to be done with creativity and expertise. This is where the need for a professional logo designer arises. At Business Logo Design Custom, they take care of every aspect of your project from start to finish and make sure that you are completely satisfied with the final outcome.


The phone market has made powerful hardware cheaper and more accessible than ever over the years. But sometimes you want to game without having access to any of that. Maybe you haven’t upgraded your phone in a while, or maybe you want something your kids can play on their low-end phones. Whatever the case, here are some fun games that can run on almost any hardware.


We prepared a long list of 65 museums for you to tour New York and enjoy the city the best way possible! In this list you'll find the museum categories, their location, cost, time to visit, and attractions, as well as their websites for additional information and a picture to easily identify them. If you like our list, feel free to make a copy for you and share with your friends which may also like it. Noticed we've used formal categories of museums created by the History of Museums site.




Wearing a wig used to be tough. There’s always the fear that it would fall off, or that people would notice it was a fake. Modern times gave way to amazing, gorgeous wigs that look authentic. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few more reasons as to why you should start wearing wigs now.


When you’re a professional carpenter, you can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to your tools. You need the best tools on the market to ensure that each cut is accurate and each piece of wood is cut precisely. However, high-quality track saws are expensive and can cost you thousands of dollars.

Track saws are excellent tools for making precise cuts and can be used on a variety of materials like wood, metal, stone, glass, and plastic. There’s quite a selection available, however — so to help you find the best track saw for precise cuts I’ve put together this list.


A superhero story will not be complete without villains, and when it comes to the villains, Batman has some of the best. Here are four of them:


Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American children's author and cartoonist. He is most well known for his work writing and illustrating more than 60 books under the pen name Dr. Seuss. His children's books are beloved by people of all ages and have been turned into popular movies. This list brings you the Dr. Seuss movies and short stories that were turned into animations and short films.

We've turned this list into a checklist you can print and even copy to mark the ones you've watched. You can use the filters to find specific items you're looking for.

To change the viewing mode, use the menu below this description (on desktop) or on the top right corner (on mobile). To print it, click on "Create a copy", fill in your information and click on the three dots, then "Print".

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Drawing is a skill that requires practice and dedication, but it can be challenging to find the motivation to practice regularly. Whether you're an aspiring artist or someone who enjoys drawing as a hobby, here are effective ways to keep yourself motivated and consistently improve your skills.




Looking for something truly unique? Iconiko offers one-of-a-kind Animal Artwork that is sure to make a statement. Handcrafted by talented artists, each piece is a work of art in itself. Whether you are looking for a dramatic focal point for your living room or a conversation starter for your office, Iconiko has the perfect piece for you. Unlike mass-produced artwork, Iconiko's pieces are each individually created, ensuring that you will have a totally unique piece that nobody else will have.

Looking for something unique and eye-catching? Look no further than Iconiko! Our vibrant Canvas Prints Online is sure to add personality and style to any room. Whether you're decorating your home, office, or even a nursery, Iconiko has the perfect piece of art for you. And our artistically inclined customers love our one-of-a-kind pieces! Our selection of pink artwork is both stylish and unique.

Art Online

Blue Wall Art

From abstract pieces to more traditional designs, we have something for everyone. And our prices are unbeatable! So what are you waiting for? Come browse our collection today and find the perfect piece of art for your space.


Candle-making is a relaxing and satisfying hobby that has gained popularity in recent years. It allows you to create personalized and fragrant candles that can be used to decorate your home or given as thoughtful gifts. However, starting from scratch can be intimidating, which is where candle-making kits come in handy.

In this list, I have compiled some of the best candle-making kits available, each with its unique features and benefits, to help you find the perfect one to kick-start your candle-making journey. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced candle maker, there's a kit on this list for you!


Are you looking to build better habits? The best time to practice these is during the morning. As soon as you wake up, you go into autopilot mode. Train your autopilot to adopt productive and healthy habits rather than ones that are detrimental to your happiness. To help you out, here are three habits everyone should practice each morning.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably already heard of Netflix. But if you’re still not convinced that it’s worth subscribing to the service, these reasons might just do the trick.


Whether we’re talking sound boxes, headphones, or expensive home theater setups, it’s hard to understate just how valuable a good sound system can be. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in a better sound system today.


Do you want a warmer, more inviting look for your home? A deck is one of the most-used areas of your home, so it’s only natural that you want to get the most out of yours. One way you can do this is by staining or sealing it properly; this will give it a richer look, as well as add extra longevity to your deck. So how do you know which stain to use?

Let’s be honest – a deck is not something you want to be rushed into or make wrong decisions on. When you’re making investments in your home, it’s worth doing the research and getting it right. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best deck stains on the market right now. Hopefully, it’ll make your choice that little bit easier!


When it comes to trimming, cutting down, and pruning trees, saws have been used for centuries. However, the latest technology in cordless pole saws has made the job so much easier and more efficient. With pole saws, users don’t have to spend time lugging heavy chainsaws around the yard on a ladder – they can simply start up the saw and go.

Wondering which is the best electric pole saw? Read this list for recommendations and reviews.


These days, you’ll rarely find anyone who doesn’t own a smartphone. Lots of people own both a smartphone and a laptop or tablet. If you own a mobile device, getting the best screen protector is a must to protect your expensive gadget. Here are the types of screen protectors you should consider.




Radio Pluggers Global Ltd is the best leading music promotion company in your area. We deliver music directly, as fully interactive Musician’s Profile’s, to over 30,000 verified radio station and press contacts worldwide. We guarantee a professional service, ensuring we maintain our relationships with radio stations and press contacts worldwide. We help musicians get heard and play listed by an incredible amount of radio stations and reviewed by press and music industry contacts globally. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver an unparalleled level of promotion, on a global scale and to be able to Guarantee radio station interviews for our radio promotion clients.


This is a list of some of our favorite African-American comedians, who have used humor to connect with audiences, challenge societal norms, and bring joy to people's lives. These comedians have honed their craft through years of performing in clubs, theaters, and on television, and have developed their unique voices and styles.

They have tackled a wide range of topics, including race, politics, relationships, and social issues, often using their personal experiences and perspectives to bring a fresh and insightful perspective to their material. Whether through stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, or acting, these comedians have made a significant impact on the entertainment industry and continue to inspire and entertain audiences around the world.


The most excellent wood chipper can even reduce chipped wood to sawdust or mulch, making quick work of your garden trash. It is a fantastic item to utilize with pets and potential plant life. Additionally, it will save you a ton of money over time! Even though they appear expensive or large, you may get some powerful wood chippers without spending a fortune. So we've gathered the top twenty wood chippers in the list.


Deals Dekho is India's fastest-growing Deal Website that helps people to select the best #product, services, brands, discounts, free subscriptions, coupon codes, and offers.


With the vast array of choices available, finding the perfect guitar is not easy, but these three tips will help. Here's what you should keep in mind.


Have you ever tried to use a bench grinder? You’ll quickly discover that it’s not easy to hold the tool against the spinning wheel. You’ll also notice that grinding wheels are heavy and hard to handle. You need a bench grinder that can provide your workpiece with a smooth finish. That’s why you need the best bench grinder.

Bench grinders are a type of bench-mounted grinder designed to be used by an individual sitting or standing on the bench. They are similar to angle grinders but usually have less powerful motors and slower speeds. Some of the best bench grinders can be found in this list.


Asian comedians are a diverse group of performers who bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the comedy world. They come from various cultural backgrounds, including East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, and Middle Eastern. Some draw on their immigrant experiences to highlight cultural differences and find humor in navigating life in a new country. Others use comedy to challenge stereotypes and highlight important social issues. These comedians are known for their sharp wit, clever wordplay, and ability to find humor in unexpected places. They have made a significant impact on the comedy industry, both in their home countries and around the world, and continue to break new ground and push boundaries with their work.

3 views is a platform dedicated to providing high-quality video templates for content creators and professionals. Whether you're creating a promotional video, an instructional video, or a documentary, has the tools you need to make your production stand out. With a wide range of templates available for Adobe Premiere, you can easily find the perfect design to match your vision and create a professional-looking video in no time. The templates come pre-designed with music tracks, voiceover options, and other elements to make your video production process faster and easier. Browse the collection on today and elevate your video content to the next level.


Introducing Iconiko - the perfect way to bring your walls to life! Iconiko's Abstract Wall Art Prints is the perfect way to add character and class to any environment. Whether it be modern, industrial, contemporary, or traditional - these pieces will immediately become an eye-catching feature of any room. The blend of bold hues, eye-catching curves and textures make for a stunning combination of luxury and comfort. Made from high quality materials such as wood veneers and metal finishes, these pieces will truly stand out without breaking the bank. With Iconiko's abstract wall art, you can easily accentuate the personality of any room, whether it be at home or at work!


This is a collection of hues that range from light to dark and vary in saturation and brightness. These shades evoke a range of emotions and sensations, from calm and serene to cool and refreshing. Each shade has its unique character and mood, making them suitable for different settings and occasions. Some shades of blue may have a hint of green, gray, or purple, giving them a distinct tone and identity.

The list of shades of blue can include names like azure, baby blue, cerulean, cobalt, cornflower, denim, indigo, navy, periwinkle, powder blue, royal blue, sky blue, teal, and turquoise. Whether used in interior design, fashion, or art, shades of blue can convey a sense of tranquility, sophistication, or vibrancy, depending on the shade and its context.

In this list you will find the actual color sample, the shade name and the hex color codes.