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Visual Art & Design

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A Beginner's Guide to the Tools and Materials for Bookbinding

This list was originally compiled for fanfiction bookbinders, but the items listed apply to bookbinding as a whole. :)

Visit me at

Updated a year ago
All the Tools for an Architect

If you have anything to advise, feel free to message me! Let's collaborate!

Updated 4 years ago
Painting Preparation Checklist

To help you prep before you get your hands all dirty

Published 8 years ago
My favorite artwork
Updated 7 years ago
Acrylic Painting Supplies List for Beginners

Here is a list of the actual supplies that I use for all the painting tutorials that I do on my YouTube channel. If you're just getting started in the world of acrylic painting, you can check out my acrylic painting basics class on SkillShare and try it FREE for 2 weeks.

Ready to Make Gorgeous Acrylic Paintings? Try my classes on SkillShare (oh, and it's free for 2 weeks!)

🎨 Magic of Acrylics: Acrylic Painting Basics for Beginners

🎨 Paint Slapping Magic of Brushes: Instantly Improve your Acrylic Paintings

🎨 Magic of Color: Create Gorgeously Colorful Paintings (and Feel Good Doing it)

🎨 Beach Waves: Create a Dynamic Beach Landscape Painting

🎨 Watercolor Effects with Acrylic Paint: Create Beautifully Colorful Blends

Check out more acrylic painting shenanigans here:

The Buzzed Artist BLOG

The Buzzed Artist YOUTUBE channel

Updated 8 months ago
All of the Drawing Supplies You Will Ever Need as a Beginner

This is a list with all my favorite drawing supplies for beginners. If you want to get started with drawing but don't know what to buy, this list should help you decide what the most important items are.

Remember, you don't need to buy all of these supplies right away. Rather see which supplies might solve any issues you run into in your journey of learning to draw (for example, one issue may be that you are constantly smudging messy media like graphite or charcoal on your hand, and the answer to that may be to buy a big pad of wax paper to protect your paper/hand with).

Start out with the essentials and then branch out from there!

For further reviews or to see these products in action, check out my Youtube Channel , Patreon , and Skillshare !

Published 2 years ago
Best Acrylic Paint Pens

Find the best acrylic paint pens for your arts and crafts projects, including paint markers and paint pens for fabric, drawing, stenciling, and more. I have put together this list to help you make the right choice when picking the best acrylic paint pens for your works.

Published a year ago

List of client wishes

Published 5 years ago
Best camera for YouTube on a Budget

One of the most common things on the minds of YouTube content creators is the quality of their videos, and many delay creating content for lack of a good camera. Today, our team has compiled - from multiple reviews - a list of 15+ cameras you can buy for less than $300. So if you are just starting out or are trying to improve on your current setup, but have a small budget, you should be able to find something to suit your needs.

Feel free to suggest your favorite budget camera in case you are not seeing it in the list.

Published a year ago
Custom Printed  Beer Labels

Do you want to create Custom Printed beer labels so customers can easily recognise your brand? Then, Durolenz is your go-to. For decades, we have created unique beer tap badges, signs, labels, and more to help businesses make an impressive image. We utilise tough and finest materials for your labels to ensure the best durability. You can count on us for any size of order and expect a quick turnaround at any time. So, reach out to us and take the first step to make your brand striking.

Published 5 months ago
Fountain Pen Wish List

Is it time to buy it yet?

Published 6 years ago
Tel Aviv History Museums

There are a good amount of museums in Tel Aviv, covering all sorts of interests. You wont get bored, trust me! If there are any missing, message me or lets collaborate together?

Published 4 years ago
EnvironMolds, LLC

EnvironMolds, LLC is the one-stop shop for the ones who are looking for high-quality, user-friendly, and environmentally-friendly molding and casting materials. We offer a wide array of products including liquid latex, alginate, moulage, release agents and many more.

Published a year ago
WGA Marketing Sdn Bhd (SWOT)

SWOT provides website design bundles and marketing options for your commercial or domestic needs. In addition to many other services, we provide domain registration, web hosting, content management, SEO, content marketing, and Google AdWords. Come see us learn more.

Published a year ago
Design Tools

Design tools

Published 3 years ago
Benefits of Having a Professional Web Designer

Your website is the first thing people see when they look your business up on the web. It’s a sad reality for many businesses to fail at leaving potential customers a good first impression. But this problem can be solved with the help of a web designer. Here are some advantages of hiring one:

Published 3 years ago