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Movies & Tv

In my opinion, the 80s had some of the best movies…here are some of my favorites


Here's the top rated TV shows for foodies


Here are the 30 top movies of the 70's based on box office takings


If your a sucker for super natural and fantasy TV, I apologize for making this list


I've been meaning to do this for so long… Tip! Watch the Jap version w subs instead of dubbed version…


Looking for something to watch? Sort and filter through the top 100 Netflix comedies based off Metacritic and Imdb ratings


Sort and filter through the highest rated Romance movies currently on Netflixlove


Sort and filter through the top rated Sci-Fi movies currently in the Netflix catalogue.


Sort and filter through the top rated documentaries currently in the Netflix catalogue.


For many '90s children, video game characters were almost like friends. If you are one of them who grew up with Pokemon, this is definitely another nostalgic list that would bring back the memories of your childhood :)


Because it's not Christmas without watching any Christmas movies.


2016's most popular, top-rated and high grossing movies.


Movies starring George clooney


top 100 movies and shit


Japanese TV shows to enhance your Japanese


I plan to eventually watch every Miyazaki movie ever made!


Best watched with the whole family. Be sure to bring your Popcorn!!!


Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned otaku, here you can find all the anime you could ever watch. Here you can find the number of episodes, the release dates, and the average ratings of each anime. With so much anime out there, this is a never-ending list. Feel free to add any anime that you recommend that aren't on the list already.


Sams DVD Collection and Films To See


Hi! My name is Deema, and I've been watching Kdramas for the past decade. I started at 12 years old, and I'm now 23! I love dramas, and I never had friends in real life that liked the same things I did, so I created 'Deemalovesdrama,' in December 2019. Now, we have one of the biggest Kdrama communities online, and we all fangirl/fanguy together all the time. It's a super fun community that I'm sOOO proud of creating, and I hope you will join it one day! 

This list is my top 35 dramas as of May 2022, and I'll update it regularly :) 

You can find me at:


This is a comprehensive list of every Vin diesel movie, from his breakout role in 'Pitch Black' to his more recent work in the Fast and Furious franchise. If you're a fan of Diesel's action-packed movies, this is the list for you.

We've sourced the information mainly from IMDb and Wikipedia, but added our own rating as well. 

We'll try and keep it as up-to-date as we can, but feel free to suggest items! Ah, and we've included those features where plays the voice of a character and even his first appearance when he wasn't credited! 

The list also contains the posters for each movie, Imdb rating, and it is clonable: so you can tick off which ones you've already watched! They are all ordered by Year of release (most recent first), but you can easily change that and sort through whichever way you prefer. 

Check it out!


The seven dwarfs from Snow White are soe most popular characters in fiction. But who are they? In this list, we've featured the names, pictures, and personalities of each dwarf to help you better understand who they are.

It's essential to remember that the 1937 Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was based on the Grimm Brothers' tales, which did not include specific names for each of the dwarfs. Disney introduced the beloved characters over 100 years after the story was first written, and they became icons in the history of entertainment, still relevant to this day.

We know it's hard to find a complete list, so we've done our best to compile the information here, including their names, images, and a brief description of who they are in the plot. You may be looking to confirm a trivia answer or just out of curiosity. Either way, here we have them!


In the Hailey Dean Mystery movies, we follow the titular character (played by Kellie Martin)as she solves crimes. What makes these movies so intriguing is that Hailey is not your typical investigator. She's a former prosecutor who now works as a therapist, and she brings her unique skillset to each case.

The series is named after thach movie in the series is based on a different crime, and Hailey must use her powers of observation and deduction to crack the case. Along the way, she always manages to find the heart of the matter and help those affected by the crime. 

The best ways to view this list are as a table and as a slideshow. You can view all the Hailey Dean movies in chronological order, or sort them in different ways.

If you're looking for a mystery series that will keep you guessing until the very end, look no further than the Hailey Dean mystery series. You won't be disappointed! We've sourced the information mainly from IMDb and Wikipedia, so we thank them for making this info available.


Are you wondering what is the best order to watch Jesse Stone movies? You're not alone! Like many franchises, Jesse Stone's release dates were not done in chronological order, which can generate confusion.

But that is why we've compiled this list to help you decide if you want to watch all Jesse Stone movies in order of release, or if you prefer to watch them chronologically. Notice that the "Year of Release" column has the year the movie was launched, but we also have a "Chronological order" column. At this point, the list is sorted chronologically, but if you would like to see it in order of release date, simply click the "Sort" drop-down menu and choose the "Year of Release" option. 

Whatever way you decide to enjoy them, these stories of an iconic small-town police chief, battling his demons and solving crimes will draw you in. 

Thank you for supporting our work!

Source of information: IMDb


안녕하새요! Mi chiamo Martina e sono una kdrama-addicted dal 2020. Sin da subito mi sono innamorata della semplicità disarmante e alle volte devastante con cui i coreani riescono a trattare temi spesso scomodi o dimenticati.

È stato così che ho deciso di iniziare a parlare della mia passione per i k-drama sul mio profilo instagram, condividendo così questa passione che piano piano mi ha portata a creare una splendida community di persone appassionate.

Ho deciso di stilare questa lista per rendere più semplice a chiunque si approcci a questo mondo, trovare il k-drama giusto da guardare!

Cercherò di uploadare la lista (che trovate qui non in ordine di preferenza) mensilmente con i drama che davvero penso valga la pena vedere.

Trovi le recensioni complete nei link affianco al commento. Ti basterà scegliere la tua visualizzazione preferita e scegliere il tuo prossimo k-drama!

Puoi trovarmi su:


these are all the netflix series i watched and liked

please give some love to my instagram page (click) if you liked these recommendations, it would really mean a lot to me💜

here are my other links if you would like to go through them:


Do the films do the comics justice - what do you guys reckon?


Sherlock isn't the only crime investigation genius


A comprehensive list for James Bond fans!


Top recent films that explore the nature of humanity. Credit to Battle4life Imgur


Sort and filter through the top rated Drama movies currently in the Netflix catalogue. If it were my choice Forrest Gump would be at the top


Sort and filter through the top rated Drama movies currently in the Netflix catalogue.


Sort and filter through the top rated Horror movies currently in the Netflix catalogue.


Sort and filter through the top rated family movies currently in the Netflix catalogue.


covers all 2014 Japanese drama in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Seasons


Thanks to


Here's the list of my forever favorites !


Do the films do the comics justice - what do you guys reckon?


Track the status of your current TV Shows. You can see where it is currently streaming via the Just Watch Service and search IMDB for the next premiere date.


Here is a list of my favourite shows from 2017. It's mostly dramas at the top, although Silicon Valley is still a favourite. I really enjoyed the first season of The Deuce (from David Simon). Black Mirror still gets 5 stars, although I think season 4 was a bit weaker than season 3.


The golden age of action films provides us with explosions, kills and one-liners. Pull up a seat, grab some popcorn and relax in a time where people exploded and the good guys always won.


Movies I Own


List of animated TV shows for older audiences.


My fav movies


Disney movies are a part of most of our childhoods. This list is a table version of my tier list video rating 60 Disney movies from different eras, as well as my comments. I've included the runtime, IMDB Rating, year of release, and some comments. 

Click on the video review column to watch specific snippets where I talk about each of the films. And follow me on YouTube for more reviews!


(Updated in 2022)

Looking for a complete list of Barbie movies? Look no further! This list has every Barbie movie ever made, in chronological order. It also includes TV movies, videos, and series. We've included running time and IMDb ratings, as well as the official description of each of the films. We wanted to compile the best possible list, and ensure it is complete with the most recent 2022 releases, as well as the Barbie Live Action movie coming out in July 2023. 

We've sourced the information mainly from IMDb and Wikipedia, but added our own rating as well. We've found that most user-generated lists out there were incomplete, and did not include the most recent additions to the Barbie Movie collection.

And - YES! You can copy and tick the ones you've already watched, and share it with your friends!

Did we forget something? Make sure you write it down in the suggestion box!


Are you looking for a fun game to play with your friends? Check out this list of 300 movies for charades! If you are looking for movies to play hangman, this can also be useful! From classics like "The Godfather" to newer releases like "Cruella", there's something for everyone. In any list of movies for charades, you are bound to find a variety of films that can (or cannot) be interpreted by children, so we've decided to rate the difficulty level of this list, so that you can play with your kids or those friends who are not movie enthusiasts. 

The rating system is simple: "two thumbs up" means the movie is easy for kids and all. If there are "two thumbs down", it means it is hard. The best ways to view this list are through table view and kanban board. Feel free to copy and tick off the ones you've already used. The criteria to determine what easy movies for charades are was either the popularity of the movie among kids or the ease of turning the words in the title into gestures. The hardest movies for charades will be those more obscure films, or with very abstract titles.

And leave your suggestions: what movie do you live for charades

All information about the movies was sourced from IMDb, we are not affiliated with them, but recommend you click the IMDb page to check out how much work they do to keep us informed regarding movies.


If you're a fan of the "Jackass" franchise, then you'll want to check out this epic list of every one of them ever made! From the classics (like "Jackass: The Movie") to the more recent releases (like "Jackass Forever"), this is one list you won't want to miss.

We know that if you look up "Jackass movies in chronological order", you may end up with an incorrect list, so we've checked the best platforms we could, as well as our own experience watching many of these ourselves. We've searched many different platforms such as IMDb, Wikipedia, Rotten Tomatoes, and more, to make sure this list was as complete as it possibly could be. We've included the main movies, as well as TV series, videos, shorts, and other movies featuring the Jackass cast. That's also why we are grateful for these platforms, where users who are passionate about the franchise can learn more. 

Now, we will add more information and make sure this list is constantly updated, but make sure you suggest items if you think they are missing or miscategorized.


Check out the List of All Rambo Movies in Order to learn about the entire Rambo movie franchise, and see how it all fits together.

This is a list of every single movie in the Rambo series, from 1982's First Blood through 2019's Rambo: Last Blood.

So whether you're a longtime fan or just getting started on your Rambo collection, this list is for you!

Thank you for supporting our work! Follow this list for updates! 

Source of images and info: IMDb


Amarjit Singh Dhindsa is a person who struggled a lot in his life. But Amarjit Singh has great passion about law studies and he completed his law graduation from British Columbia. He gave his 20 years to help the community as a lawyer. After that, he started his carrier in modeling and acting. Where he played different characters in movies & after some years he achieved success in his life through his versatile acting skills.


So I only started watching kdramas at the end of 2021 and I LOVE them (I haven't watched that many.. yet)