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Taking the levels from: and putting them in a sortable list so I can play them later!


All the commands you need for Minecraft v1.8. Here you'll find a list of commands you will use in mincraft, with the usage, type, and difficulty of each command listed below. There are many commands in Minecraft, so feel free to add more that aren't listed already


This is to sign up to participate in SRORV Kin Raids


If you love playing Minecraft Survival but are struggling with what to do in order to advance, this list is for you! Here are all the things to do in Minecraft, sortable by your level of skill.

This list is a compilation of advice from different creators listed below, as well as their experience. You can copy this list and use it as a checklist.

Special shout out to all creators who make videos and tutorials and who inspired this list:

Mumbo Jumbo, Jacob Gulan, Stingray Productions, Aswb Yt, William Strife, Evanland Channel, TheKSTutorials, VIPmanYT, Plodgem, Flascoe,Avomance, Grian, TheMythicalSausage, whos.aakash, CyberGamingShark, SwordSmith, TSMC - Minecraft, BlueNerd Minecraft, wattle, SmoothMarky POGProductionz, Absolute Network, Welsknight Gaming, FullySpaced, Farzy, Pixlriffs, Eyecraftmc, YourSixGaming, JWhisp, OMGcraft - Minecraft Tips & Tutorials, Spudetti, Pallangor, Flashhaft, TheNeoCubest, Sekai, TEN TEN FUNNY TV, Shulkercraft, RajCraft, ECKOSOLDIER, BrownCoat67, Kay's Kreation MC Bedrock, Eagle MCraft, GlitchNOut




We've created this list of Minecraft enchantments, including Sword Enchantments, Tool Enchantments, Crossbow, Shield, Armor, and more. Feel free to check the combination and effect, and use it as a completionist checklist (like a spreadsheet).

Minecraft Wiki


We know many Minecraft players out there are looking to know more about seeds, so we made this sortable list, collecting some of the coolest ones recommended by blogs, forums, etc.

This list is grouped by Biome, but feel free to change and use the filters to find what you need. Also, feel free to suggest more!

We have seeds for:

  • Plains
  • Swamp
  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Taiga
  • Snowy Plains
  • Beach
  • Savanna

And more!

Credit for the information and images goes to: